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Design Trends: Hardworking Laundry Rooms

Posted by: • Jul 14

Design Trends: Hardworking Laundry Rooms

Brick color shown: Cotton; Image: GE Appliances / Power Creative 

The key to a great laundry room design is simple, functionality.  A laundry room needs to stay clean, and it needs to be easy to keep clean.  Below are 4 design characteristics of a hardworking laundry room that will make your life, and our laundry day a little easier.


One of the best surface materials to use in a laundry room is tile.  Tile is durable, easy to maintain and gives your space a clean and fresh look.  You can tile almost any surface in the laundry room–Walls and, the floor, countertops, you name it.  The more surface area you tile, the easier your laundry room is to maintain.  Not to mention tile in the laundry room looks beautiful!  We suggest a classic subway tile on the walls and a patterned floor from our Handpainted Collections.

Image: Home Bunch


While tile makes your laundry room easy to clean, you'll probably still have a lot of things to store that can get messy–detergent, hangers, an ironing board and so on.  To keep your space from becoming cluttered, having proper storage in your laundry room is key.  Built in cabinetry is a great option to keep all your odds and ends tucked away.  You can also use baskets for storage as well as open shelving units on your walls.

Image: Anderson + Grant

A Sink

Having a sink in your laundry room make things a lot easier, and makes the space even more functional.  There's no need to trace back and forth from you kitchen when you need to quickly wash something, making a mess a long the way.  We love how the laundry room below is right behind the kitchen, recreating the design with beautiful tile, cabinetry and a built-in sink dedicated to laundry related tasks.

Handpainted pattern shown: Kabuki Sphere in a custom color motif; Image: Marty Crosley Photography; Design: Test Person


Laundry rooms aren't always the most exciting rooms in the house, but they can still be given personality along with functionality.  Paint colors, tile, and art/decorations can all give your laundry room a little character, making the laundry process more enjoyable.  We love how the laundry room below creates a playful mosaic on the walls using our CRT Glass rounds in Phosphor.

Glass shown: CRT 1.25" Mosaic Rounds in Phosphor; Image: Malcolm Fearon Photography

Ready to order tile for your laundry room?  Order free samples now.  Need some help?  Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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