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Design Trends: Go Smooth and Modern with Matte Finishes

By Shannon Malone

Design Trends: Go Smooth and Modern with Matte Finishes

Glass shown: 1 x 4 Mosaic in Prickly Pear Matte; Image: Malcolm Fearon Photography

There is something about a smooth matte finish that brings a sense of ease and relaxation to a space. The simplicity of the surface allows the color and design to be the focus rather than the texture of your materials. Adding a clean line to your design, a matte finish brings an element of sophistication not always found with other surface textures. Below are some of our favorite ways to incorporate matte finishes in to your space.

The kitchen below takes on a dramatic aesthetic with charcoal gray everything. From the pendants to to the kitchen cabinets and island, a smooth matte surface creates subtle sophistication. The matte finish provides the perfect contrast against the glossy marble countertop, wooden stools, and metallic gold accents.

One of our favorite matte finishes available is tile. All of our tile colors have some level of color variation, but the aesthetic achieved by the variation of a matte glaze is much different than a gloss finish. A matte finish offers your space a subtle shimmer that reflects just the slightest bit of light, and we love how matte glazes look against simple color palettes. The kitchen below takes on a subtle color palette with our matte Blue Spruce tile color against neutral cabinets and countertops. The overall look is soothing and relaxed yet elegant.

Tile shown: 4 x 4 in Blue Spruce; Image: Scott Davis Photography; Design: White + Gold Design

Soft and serene, Blue Spruce's cool grey shade and silken velvet matte veneer offers a sumptuous neutral surface.

Tile shown: 4 x 4 in Blue Spruce

Matte finishes can be in the details as well. The kitchen below chooses a glossy paint color for their cabinets, complemented by matte brass hardware.

Matte tile looks great when used in darker tile colors such as a dramatic black, or smokey charcoal gray. Use these dark matte hues in a straight set layout similar to the bathroom below for a look that is modern yet casual.

Or try a similar look in the kitchen with a dark, large format tile size.

You can recreate this look with our EDGE color Magnetite in a 3 x 9 size.

EDGE shown: 3 x 9 in Magnetite

Matte tile provides a smooth contrast against textured wood surfaces. The bathroom below chooses a matte hexagon tile floor in a dark charcoal gray. The tile is paired with matte walls, wood accents and metallic accents for a look that is warm and contemporary.

A matte Glass tile floor in the shower adds soothing color, texture, and added slip resistance in the water prone space.

Glass shown: Hexagon Mosaic in Hydrangea Matte, Morning Glory Matte, Wallflower Matte, Dew Drop Matte, and Blue Bonnet Matte; Image: Malcolm Fearon Photography; Design: EAG Studio

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