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Design Trends: Design From the Ground up with Floor to Ceiling Bathroom Tile

By Shannon Malone

Not everyone has the luxury of a spacious, light-filled bathroom, well maybe in our dreams, but more often than not bathrooms are cramped and lack a significant source of natural light. To make up for this architectural misfortune, we must turn to clever design tricks to make our space feel large and bright. One of the most tried-and-true ways to create a larger looking bathroom is by extending your tile from the floor to the ceiling. The extended coverage provides more surface area to bounce light from wall to wall, making your bathroom feel brighter and larger. Floor to ceiling tile also helps define your space, giving it a grounded, cohesive look. Below are some of our favorite tips and tricks for designing from the ground up with floor to ceiling tile.

Glass Tile Mosaics

Adding a bold splash of color, Glass mosaics are ideal for floor to ceiling tile installations. For floor to ceiling mosaic installations we suggest a monochromatic look, similar to the bathroom above, or a range of analogous colors. The small tiles will cover a large surface area, so it is better to keep the look cohesive with similar colors. We suggest a neutral color palette or cool greens and blues for a bathroom with spa-like qualities.

Classic White Subway Tile

You can never go wrong with a timeless 3 x 6 white subway tile in the bathroom. A bright white hue will reflect light in the small space, making the room feel bright, open and airy. Complement he white tile with crisp white walls and ground the space with a contrasting gray grout.

Handpainted Statement Wall

Handpainted Tile is so intricate and carefully crafted, it deserves some time in the spotlight. Choose one pattern, or create a patch-work design similar to the bathroom below. A floor to ceiling Handpainted tile wall has the most impact when only one wall is covered. Cover the rest of your walls in a fresh coat of white paint and accent the tile with neutral decor and finishes. Toning down the other elements of your bathroom will keep the vibrant Handpainted tile from demanding too much attention. You want your floor to ceiling tile accent wall to make a statement, but you don't want it to overwhelm.

Large Format Tile

The larger the tile, the larger your space will look. If you plan to cover all your walls in floor to ceiling tile, you'll want to choose a large format tile size. Try a tile proportion that looks long and lean, such as our 3 x 9 EDGE size. The size of the tile will help elongate the space, whether you place it vertically or horizontally. Larger sizes also allow you to experiment with darker tile hues without cramping the space even more. If your bathroom lacks natural light, install dramatic lighting that will bounce off the reflective surface of the tile, creating the appearance of a brighter and lighter space.

Above and Beyond Tile

Why stop at the ceiling? For a bold, modern look, choose one wall to cover in tile and extend the tile to cover the ceiling. This creates drama and reflects even more light in the space. For this look we suggest a lighter tile color. Dark colors on the ceiling can make your space look even smaller.

Why Not Cover The Floor?

The same idea applies to the floor. Instead of covering your ceiling, extend the wall tile to cover your bathroom floor. This look works well with glass mosaics, creating a soothing, shimmering effect.

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