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Design Trends: Create Contrast With Patterned Tile and Wood Finishes

By Shannon Malone

Wood finishes and patterned tile are both heavily prevelant in today's world of design. But what happens when you combine the two in the same space? Magic, that's what! The clean, smooth surface of tile against a textured wood surface creates undeniable contrast, creating texture and visual interest in your space. Below are a few of our favorite ways to mix the two materials for a look that is unique, contemporary and oh so chic.

The bathroom above features mainly tiled surfaces, using a classic subway tile on the wall, and an intricate patterned tile on the floor. The warm, rich hues of the patterned tiles are complemented by a rustic wood vanity. The small use of wood in the space creates just the right amount of contrast against the smooth tile, while the colors of both materials unify the space.

Recreate this look with our Handpainted tiles from our Mediterranean Collection. These patterns feature intricate designs in vibrant color motifs.

Handpainted pattern shown: Valencia in the Warm Motif

For a more contemporary look try pairing a neutral patterned tile with a smooth, sleek, and slightly textured wood such as in the bathroom below. The clean lines of the wooden shower floor and vanity facade create subtle contrast against the neutral traditional tile pattern on the floor. The subtle contemporary look is completed with soft, creamy white walls and a slender glass shower door.

You can get a similar look with our Mediterranean Handpainted tile pattern, Barella in the Neutral Motif.

Handpainted pattern shown: Barella in the Neutral Motif

For an extra layer of texture and dimension try pairing rustic wood finishes with a patchwork-style wall of patterned tiles. The cool blue hue of the patchwork tiles below creates contrast in material and color against the warm, rustic wood mirror and vanity.

For a similar look mix and patch any of our Handpainted patterns in the Cool Motif. You can stick with one style or pull from multiple Handpainted Collections.

Handpainted pattern shown: San Carlos in the Cool Motif

The bathroom below creates a highly modern look with black and white patterned tile, a contemporary wood vanity, and crisp white subway tile. The tile features a traditional pattern, however the black and white color palette of the entire space makes it feel fresh and modern, and the smooth wood surface beautifully complements the sleek surface of the tile floor.

Recreate this look with our four tile Contemporary Handpainted pattern, Palmera in the Dark Motif.

Handpainted pattern shown: Palmera in the Dark Motif

The kitchen below uses a patterned tile backsplash and a textured wood herringbone floor to create a chic, contemporary space filled with simple, neutral materials and finishes. The simplicity of the white and gray tile pattern pairs perfectly with the classic wood floor, creating just the right amount of visual interest.

Try a similar look in your kitchen with our Moroccan Handpainted pattern, Sintra in the Neutral Motif.

Handpainted pattern shown: Sintra in the Neutral Motif

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