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Design Trends: Colorful Cabinetry and Tile

By Kali

Design Trends: Colorful Cabinetry and Tile


One of our favorite tile trends? Adding color to the kitchen. Whether that splash of color is with tile or your cabinetry (or both) is up to you! Today, we're sharing three of our favorite ways to pair tile with colorful cabinetry, but check out our Pinterest Board for even more design inspiration. 

True Blue: 
What's more timeless than blue? Whatever the shade, blue cabinetry fits the bill for nearly any style kitchen. 

Darker blue cabinetry anchors this bright, light-filled kitchen: 


Brick Shown: Lewis Range // Design: Lyndsay Siegel

We love the way the cabinetry in the kitchen below plays off the intricate handpainted backsplash:  


Tile Shown: Handpainted Lugo in Cool Motif // Image: Aubrey Torrey Photography

A cornflower blue perfectly complements a neutral colored tile, whether it's on the cooler or warmer side: 


Tile Shown: 3x6 in Blue Spruce 

Go Green: 
We're all about bringing the outdoors into interior spaces and a pop of green is the perfect way to do just that.  

Darker greens, like a classic hunter, pair beautifully with rustic finishes and bright white tile: 


Tile Shown: 2x6s in Calcite // Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel + Semihandmade 

These muted green cabinets paired with a bright white tile are traditional-meets-modern at its finest: 


Tile Shown: Pickets in Frost // Design: Rudy Winston Design

There is nothing wrong with having your cabinets be a lighter shade than your tile. We love how the sage-green hue of the cabinets below play off the blue tiles: 


Tile Shown: Chaine Homme in Slate Blue // Design: Becca Stephens

The blue-green cabinets in Jen Pinkston's kitchen create a refreshing, soothing vibe that we can all appreciate: 


Brick Shown: White Mountains // Design: Jen Pinkston 

Brighten it up:
Willing to go bold? An unexpected pop of color in your kitchen can take your space to the next level.

A bit of playfulness can go a long way in the space we spend so much of our time in, which is why we love these lavender cabinets paired with our Chaine Homme tiles: 


Tile Shown: Chaine Homme in Daisy // Design: Caitlin McCarthy 

If you're going for white tile, brighter colored cabinetry can anchor your space and provide a contrasting element. An infusion of color like the bright blue cabinets below can be just the wake-up call you need alongside your morning coffee: 


Tile Shown: 3x6 in White Wash 

Don't forget about warm tones! From more pastel pinks to bright reds, you're allowed to have some fun with your kitchen cabinets. 


Brick Shown: Lewis Range and White Mountains 

The Darker Side: 
Moody interiors are definitely a big tile trend right now and your kitchen cabinets are a great way to accomplish this look. If you're afraid of your space becoming too dark, you can offset a darker cabinetry color with brighter tile. 

It doesn't get more timeless than a black and white kitchen and we especially love the one below. Dark cabinetry creates a bit of drama, while the white brick and open shelving keep things light: 


Brick Shown: White Mountains // Design: Brasstacks // Image: Erin Hassett 

You can also go tonal and have your tile and cabinetry match. A glazed Brick backsplash in Front Range strikes just the right tone in this contrasting open kitchen.


Brick Shown: Front Range // Design: Metamar Construction

If you're worried about a darker cabinet color darkening your space, you can always opt for the best of both worlds and go for light and dark. We suggest keeping the darker color for the lowers and a lighter for the uppers for the best effect: 


Brick Shown: Allegheny, Bitterroot and Lewis Range // Design: Erin Williamson Design 

Have you picked your cabinetry but still need tile? Order color samples online now. Need some help? Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly. 

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