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Design Trends: Bring Exotic Flair Home With Moroccan Style Tile

By Susanne Redfield

Spaces filled with bright, magnetic colors, intricate geometric patterns, and layer upon layer of texture are the definition of Moroccan Style. Moroccan interiors blend the bold and the extravagant, emphasizing astonishing color combinations and intricate motifs. It is perhaps the ageless spirit of this cultural melding that keeps the trend contemporary and relevant in todays interiors.

The sky blue hexagon floor tile in this minimal, yet dreamy bedroom add just the right amount of exotic appeal.


It's not always about the color. The detail, geometry, and pattern of this kitchen create a textured and vibrant space reminiscent of a houndstooth pattern with the simplest of materials.

This exuberant, contemporary use of highly patterned tiles in sumptuous and exotic jewel tones of the Moroccan style proves the look is here to stay.

Get the look with one of the many patterns in our Handpainted Moroccan Collection.

Handpainted pattern shown: Moroccan Collection Persian Star

Evocative of a luxurious spa experience the patterned tiles below complete the sumptuous look of this meditative space. There is plenty of diverse ornamentation, yet the soft muted colors keep the bathroom soothing and calm.

Moroccan style is a crossroads of cultures and regions, consequently this trend can feel at home in traditional, modern, and eclectic homes. Rich, luxurious and striking, the style includes bold colors and shapes that make it perfect for pattern play. Go ahead, blend your favorite tones for a unique and enchanting installation.

To get the look try our Ogee Drop in any number of brilliant combinations.

Tile shown: Ogee Drop in Venetian Green, Butter Cream and Jade

Often the color scheme found in Moroccan interiors reflects the desert or ocean hues. In the room below the subtle and subdued tones paired with white walls and intricate patterns conjure up fresh, cool, beachfront living.

Our Kabuki Sphere creates a similar captivating and classic pattern.

Handpainted pattern shown: Kabuki Sphere in the Cool Motif

Traditional Moroccan style tile, with their brilliantly bold, decorative contrasts in color and pattern continue to delight the senses. Try adding some to a backsplash, floor or fireplace to create an invigorating and complex surrounding, infused with color and a touch of exotic flair.

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