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Design Trends: Blend Warm and Cool Tones in Your Tile Installation

By Kali

Design Trends: Blend Warm and Cool Tones in Your Tile Installation

Tile Shown: 3" Hexes in Blue Spruce, Claypot and Boulder

With the season changing and the temperature cooling down, we're inevitably warming up to classic fall tones. However, oranges, reds and yellows can add a pop of color and interest all year round. We think this especially true when these hues are paired with contrasting cool tones. You can accomplish this by choosing a blend of colors in our Tile, Glass or Brick or you can use your other materials for a contrasting feel in your design.

Whether you are working on flooring, a backsplash or your bathroom, spaces with a cool color palette can gain a bit of warmth from a richly colored tile. We're sharing our favorite combinations of warm and cool tones below:

Orange you glad...:

A pop of orange can be unexpected and playful in a home. Paired with other white and neutral materials, an orange can offer just the right amount of interest, without being overwhelming.

Image: Family Circle

The orange tile in the image above adds just the right about of color without being too much. The soft gray marble and walls, along with the white cabinetry all work seamlessly together. For a look similar to the one above you could try:

Tile Shown: Tangerine

Tile Shown: Habanero

Orange also works well in a bathroom application. We love this bright statement wall surrounded by white and grounded by darker grey floor tiles.

If you are a bit hesitant to go full force with orange, you can always try a blend of orange and neutral tiles:

Tile Shown: Chaine Homme in Tangerine, Blue Spruce and London Fog

Tile Shown: 3" Hexes in Blue Spruce, Claypot and Boulder

Make a statement with red:
Red can seem like a lot, but when paired with other other neutral or white materials, it can be softened, while still making a statement. We've really been into reds lately and even dedicated a blog soley to the color! We love the way the red tile looks paired with the other more industrial materials in the installation below:

For a look like the one above, you could try:

Tile Shown: Tomato Red in 2x2

You can also just do a small pop of red to liven a space; like these shower niches below. You could try our Tomato Red tile or Beet Glass:

Tile Shown: Beet Glass

We like the idea of mixing reds with neutrals in a blend as well:

To accomplish a look like the the one above you could try our 6" Hex or go for our Kite in Tomato Red and White Wash; you're in control of how much red to white (or even gray perhaps) you would like to use:

Tile Shown: Kite in Tomato Red

You could also consider using our Brick and pair one of our whites with our Scarlet Brick for a bit of color. We think a herringbone pattern or a randomized pattern like the one below would look amazing as flooring in this striking duo:

Tile Shown: Brick in Scarlet and Cotton

We also love the idea of going with a red-ish hued grout as they have done in the image below:

For a fun hex look like the one above try our 3" hexes in Tusk:

Tile Shown: 3" Hexes in Tusk

Mellow Yellow:
There is something about yellows and cool neutrals together...they have a modern, refreshing feel. We love the randomized color pattern below; the yellow is brought in subtly and pairs perfectly with the other materials in the install:

If you like the look above, you might try Daffodil or Lemon Cream paired with nearly any of our gray tile colors:

Tile Shown: Daffodil in a 1x6 Parquet Pattern

Tile Shown: Lemon Cream in 4" Hexes

We love the pop of yellow tile at the archway and on the painted tub in the installation below:

You can always go with the classic choice of white tile and add a warm tone with paint, as you can see in the image below:

Do you like any of these featured colors? Order samples now! Need some help? Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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