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Design Trends: 5 Ways to Tile Your Backsplash

By Kali

Are you working on your kitchen backsplash? Need some inspiration? We've got all kinds of ideas, but for now, we'll just focus on five of our favorite ways to tile a backsplash. Whether you want to go for all white, a bold color, pattern or shape; one of these methods will work for you!

1. Classic Counter to Cabinet:
Having your backsplash span the area between your counter and your cabinets is a classic choice. Your tile can also carry over and cover the area underneath the hood of your stove, as seen in the image below:

For a look like the one above, try any of our white tiles in a 3x6 Subway size in a herringbone pattern.

You can also have your Brick, Glass or Tile meet with floating shelves, as they have done below:

Do you not have upper cabinets or shelving? A standard height is about 18" but you can always consider having it go a bit higher, like the installation below:

Do you like the black backsplash above? Try Basalt in a smaller size, such as 2x4 or 1x6. Keep in mind that if your tile is not meeting up with cabinets or shelving, that you will need to glaze the exposed edge of the tile! More on that here.


Tile Shown: Basalt

2. Counter to Ceiling:
We are obviously the type of people that think more tile is a good thing, so it likely comes as no surpise that we would like a backsplash that reaches the ceiling. This can create a real point of interest in your kitchen and can give the illusion of more height or can accentuate existing high ceilings.

This method can be a great way to show off a shape, pattern or handpainted tile:

For an eye-catching kitchen backsplash like the one above, you could try:


Tile Shown: One of the patterns from our Handpainted Moroccan Collection, Jardin Fretwork in Neutral Motif

3. Extend it:
Some people will opt to really go for it and extend their backsplash over to a neigboring or adjacent wall. We love how the two installations below have taken it a step further and have tiled islands as well:

Below is an example of a more modest backsplash paired with an island that is tiled:

4. Create a Focal Point:
We love focal points on kitchen backsplashes, we even have a whole blog dedicated to them! We generally see focal points positioned over the stove in an opposing pattern, shape or handpainted tile.


Tile Shown: Cerulean in 3x6 subway tiles make up with kitchen backsplash with a herringbone focal point.

The installation below soley has the area above the stove tiled with a handpainted motif.

Our founder chose to install a striking handpainted focal point over his stove and surrounded it with 4x4 field tile:


Tile Shown: Madrid handpainted tiles make up this focal point.

5. Short Splash:

Do you have a smaller space to fill? You can always opt to install just a few rows of tile to add texture, color or pattern to your kitchen. As mentioned before, if your tile will not be butting against another surface, make sure you talk to us about glazing or bullnosing the upper edge for a finished look!


Tile Shown: 4x4s in Gardenia make up this "short splash"

You could always just do a row or two from any of our Handpainted Collections for your backsplash. Don't forget: all our handpainted tiles can be customized, give our COLOR-IT Tool a go!

Are you working on your kitchen backsplash? Do you like any of the featured colors? Order free samples online now. Need some help? Simply call, chat, or fill out our
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