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Design Trends: 4 Ways to Tile Your Fireplace

By Kali

As we settle more into winter, we cannot help but have images of curling up in front of a warm fireplace hearth. Mind you, it never really gets that cold in San Francisco, but we can still dream...Are you having visions of taking your fireplace up a notch? Does the tile or brick need replacing? Guess what? All of our materials are suited for a fireplace application and can be installed in a wide range of colors, shapes and patterns. Below, we'll go through fireplace installations that inspire us and can be achieved with our with all of our materials: Brick, Tile , our Handpainted Collections, as well as our Mosaic Tile Collection.

A classic choice, a brick fireplace hearth certainly conjours scenes of cozy evenings spent indoors. With 24 colors to choose from, you can have your pick between soft neutrals or more saturated hues.

Image: Design Folio

Going for a darker hued fireplace surround like the one above? Try one of our darker brick colors in a straight set:

Brick Shown: Galaxy

You can also go colorful with brick! We have several brighter hues that can supply just the right about of color to your space. We love the saturated, jade green installation below:

Looking for a richer hued brick, you might try:

Brick Shown: Willow, Parakeet and Moss.

Tried and true, ceramic tile and fireplace surrounds go hand in hand. A beautiful way to bring a focal point to your living space, you can play with color, shape or size and pattern in whatever way suits you and your hearth of course.

What's not to like about this wood framed, white tiled fireplace?

Image: Curbly

For a classic white subway tile look like the one above, try any of our white tile colors, such as:

Tile Shown: White Wash (you could also try: Sugar, Frost or Tusk).

A herringbone pattern is a classic choice for a tiled fireplace surround. You can choose to set horizontally or vertically depending on the area you are tiling (and you can certainly herringbone with our brick and glass as well). The installation of 3x6 subway tiles below illustrates how a non-working fireplace can be just as inviting as a lit hearth:

Image: Blog Lovin

We love the simplicity of the black square tiled fireplace surround below:

Image: Apartment Therapy

If you like this, try a matte black or dark gray tile color, like Basalt:

Tile Shown: Basalt in stacked 3x3 tiles

Your fireplace can be a way for you to add an unexpected pop of color to your space:

For a bright, lively hearth like the one above, you could opt for Daffodil tiles in a offset pattern or try a more intricate parquet:

Tile Shown: Daffodil 1x6 tiles in a parquet pattern

With an array of patterns to choose from, our Handpainted tiles can make a bold statement in whichever style your home is centered around. Whether you do a single row of a handpainted tile or an extended surround like the installation below, you are bound to have a beautiful outcome. Keep in mind, all of our handpainted patterns can be customized to the color story of your choice! Use our COLOR-IT Tool to create the perfect tile for your home.

If you like the fireplace surround above, you might try:

Tile Shown: Grandola in Cool Motif

You can try something more graphic like the installation below:

Image: My Domaine

For an eye-catching surround like the one above, you might try:

Tile Shown: Jardin Fretwork in Neutral Motif

Mosaic Tiles:
Our Mosaic tiles make for a textural fireplace surround. If you're tiling a smaller surface area, this pint sized tiles can be the best way to get some serious pattern.

Image: The Lettered Cottage

For a mosaic look like the one above, try our 1x1 sheeted mosaics:

Tile Shown: 1x1s in White Wash

Like any of the featured colors for your fireplace? Order samples online now. Need some help? Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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