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Create Spanish Revival Style with Malibu-Inspired Tile

By Shannon Malone

Malibu Tile is a traditional tile style inspired by tiles made at Malibu Potteries in Malibu, California back in the 1920's. The style has remained a popular choice, especially in California architecture and design. Malibu Tile designs feature vibrant glaze colors and geometric patterns that are inspired by the historic design motifs of the Middle East North Africa, and Southern Spain. Here at Fireclay, our Classic Cuerda Seca Handpainted designs are inspired by this tile making tradition, featuring colorful glazes and intricate patterns, and similar production process.

Malibu tiles were some of the first to use the screenprinting technique we use today for our own Handpainted tile, where a black wax resist line is printed on to the tile to keep the glaze in place while painting. A staple in today's Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and design, Malibu-inspired tiles such as our Cuerda Seca Handpainted Designs are often used on stair risers, outdoor patios, fireplaces and fountains, as well as in kitchens and bathrooms.

handpainted malibu tile indoor staircase design

Image: Malcolm Fearon Photography

Our Cuerda Seca tiles make great stair risers in Spanish-style homes. Choose a single pattern for each step, or mix and match designs.

handpainted malibu tile living room staircase design

Malibu Tile designs have become known as "deco", short for decorative. They typically are square and are made in a 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 size. Our Cuerda Seca Handpainted Collection, represents this traditional sizing, with its classic 6 x 6 size. This square size makes our Cuerda Seca tiles an choice ideal for decorative borders, and accents.

We love how the outdoor fountain below features a custom Cuerda Seca Handpainted design bordered by our saturated blue Tile hue, Santorini Blue.

blue handpainted malibu tile fountain design

Image: Malcolm Fearon Photography

Our Classic Cuerda Seca designs also work well as backsplash accents. Create a piece of art in your kitchen by bordering a small area of Handpainted tiles with a classic field tile size in a matching color.

yellow handpainted malibu kitchen tile backsplash

Image: Malcolm Fearon Photography

Love the look of Malibu Tile? Shop our Classic Cuerda Seca Handpainted Collection now. Need some help? Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.