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Crazing: A Perfectly Imperfect Finish

Crazed for Crazing? Learn more about our perfectly imperfect finish technique on the blog today

Kitchen Installation featuring our glaze color, Kiwi, which has moderate crazing

Crazing is one of those words you've probably heard thrown around when talking about tile, but do you know what it means?  Basically over a long duration of time, a glaze will develop subtle surface cracks, which adds to the natural patina of a handmade tile.  Although crazing is something that happens naturally over time, we love the effect so much we sped up the process by offering a range of glazes that crackle, or "craze" during kiln firing.  Some might consider crazing a flaw, but to us it is just another characteristic that makes our handmade tile unique.  We are proud to be perfectly imperfect!

Color shown is Kiwi

So why use a color with crazing?  Well–If you want your space to feel unique and are looking to highlight the handmade nature of your tile, a glaze with crazing is the right choice for you.  We love how this home office installation uses our Malt glaze, which has a moderate amount of crazing, and a high level of color variation, to create a visually striking focal point in the space.  The crazing effect of the glaze offers distinctive appeal, as well as a sense of texture to an otherwise streamlined interior.

Home office installation featuring our 2x8 Tile in Malt 

Now that you have decided you'd like a tile with some crazing, you'll notice we rate our glazes based on their level of crazing.  Our scale goes from low to heavy, low being a slight crackle finish, heavy being the most crackled, so you're sure to find the perfect amount of crackle for your desired look.

Colors shown are Fossil, Kiwi, and Sea Foam

Crazy for Crazing?  Try adding patine!  Our Foggy Morning with Black Patine tile color highlights the crazing effect through the addition of a black patine to the unglazed tile before firing.  We literally wipe a black patine on and off of the tile, filling up the cracks with a soft black hue.


Our glaze with heavy crazing, Foggy Morning with Black Patine

Crazing is beautiful, but don't forget glazes with cracks will require more maintenance.   Our glazes with crazing can be difficult to keep clean, so make sure you seal your tile once installation is complete.  Over time, these glazes will develop even more cracks, so you will need to re-seal your tile periodically to keep it looking its best.

Need help with crazing?  Simply fill out our design assistance form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you within 24 hours.