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Concept Studio - A Standout Tile Showroom

Concept Studio - A Standout Tile Showroom

Last Friday I had the pleasure of visiting one of our oldest customers, Concept Studio, in Corona Del Mar, California. Situated right on the Pacific Coast Highway just before hitting Laguna Beach, Concept Studio is a true treasure in the world of tile showrooms. Founded by husband and wife team Richard Goddard and Karen Bishop, the mission of Concept Studio is to inspire its customers and provide a level of service far and away above most other tile showrooms. It is truly a unique place, full of an extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff as well as a stunning curation of tile and stone.

Visiting Concept Studio is like visiting a University of tile, full of both small rooms, or classrooms, of different styles or manufacturers, as well as conference rooms where ideas can be shared and debated. Every project that Concept Studio takes on is itself a thesis, as the extent to which Richard and his team go to to advise on project is tremendous, which they then complement with detailed architectural drawings to render a true image of your project. These plans are then used on the job site to ensure any contractor will have a clear understanding of what exactly to do for installation, down to corners and cuts that guarantee a flawless execution. When you leave the beautiful showroom, you emerge into a gorgeous walkway full of lemon trees and fresh flowers in the area Richard refers to as the Concept Studio "campus," as this is where the Cottages are located that house the team's offices, drafting rooms, and accounting department. It's truly like being back at school and visiting with your professors to share ideas and get feedback. It is serene and peaceful, all clearly defined and executed by its owners and staff.

As I am an enormous candy lover, my favorite touch were the bowls of M&M's, both milk chocolate and peanut, seen all throughout the showroom. Inspired by Ralph Lauren, Richard told me, the candy is complemented by fun signs and inspiring written words seen throughout the building.

If you are looking for help on a project and live anywhere close to Concept Studio I encourage you to visit Richard and his team for inspiration!

Note: We were all saddened by the loss of Richard's wife Karen last year. In her memory, Richard has created The Mush Foundation to support people with bipolar disorder. Fireclay Tile has made a $150 contribution to The Mush Foundation in honor of Karen. To support The Mush Foundation please visit