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Colors that Rock: Stone-Inspired Tile

By Pearl

Fireclay Tile Inspiration Gallery: Foggy Morning Herringbone Kitchen

Stone can be a beautiful addition to an interior, but it also comes with a hefty price tag. So why not opt for a sustainable and handcrafted alternative that you can get for less? Taking inspiration from some of our favorite stone hues, we've collected some of our favorite installations with tile to match. Case-in-point: this sophisticated kitchen with a herringbont tile backsplash in Foggy Morning. Its natural color variation and crazing lend this breathtaking installation a marble-like depth.

Tile Color Shown: Foggy Morning

The natural crazing and color variation that occurs from our tile's firing process create vein-like contours and changes in color that feel similar to granite or marble.

This striking limestone formation is all the more dramatic against a cool blue backdrop of ocean. While we'd give anything to escape to this exotic retreat, we found a way to bring the look of limestone closer to home. This tile backsplash in Sand Dune has a similar look and feel to polished limestone, while our elegant Wave pattern offers a tranquil touch.

Fireclay Tile Inspiration Gallery: Neutral Wave Kitchen

Sand Dune is a warm neutral tile whose color variation can also create an earthier hue and texture similar to the sand-limestone mix above. We love the way it adds depth and texture to a space, like in the modern office nook below.

Fireclay Tile Inspiration Gallery: Streamlined & Sophisticated Office

Sand Dune also works well with traditional interiors. Its warm tan hue feels inviting and familiar when paired with classical details like Architectural Moldings.

Fireclay Tile Inspiration Gallery: Classic & Neutral Bathroom

Tile Color Shown: Sand Dune

Last and certainly not least, slate offers a cool, sophisticated, a versatile floor and wall tile that complements almost any style. We feature a range of gray glazes with a soft matte finish emulating this timeless stone.

This slate floor's soft blue undertones our gray tile Flagstone.

Tile Color Shown: Flagstone

This slate-inspired hexagon floor tile handsomely ties this dapper bathroom together. Our hexagon tile in Basalt makes for a great bathroom floor solution, offering a water-resistant surface and extra traction.

Tile Color Shown: Basalt in 4" Hexagon

Fireclay Tile Inspiration Gallery: Rustic Industrial Restaurant in San Jose

The slate hue is a natural complement to industrial style decor. Columns installed with Glazed Thin Brick in Galaxy handsomely anchors this well-appointed bar, while the rustic brick surface adds stone-inspired texture.

Glazed Thin Brick Color Shown: Galaxy

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