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Colorful Cabinet and Tile Combos

By Pearl

We love to indulge in the kitchen. And color is no exception. Today, we're highlighting some of our favorite colorful cabinet and tile combinations, meant to satisfy your appetite for palettes bold and bright--because when it comes to design, every day can be your cheat day. Check out our Pinterest Board for an extra dose of color thearpy.

Palette Meets Pattern

Handpainted Tile Shown: Old Cairo in Black and White Motif

For the perfect combination of pattern and color, opt for a bold black and white handpainted tile backsplash. The timeless color pairing will go any cabinet color you’re craving (these deep teal cabinets are reason enough for us).

Handpainted Tile Shown: Old Cairo in Neutral Motif

Even the brightest and boldest cabinets like these fire engine red ones can play well with handpainted tile. In this case, consider opting for a cool and neutral tile palette.

Backsplash Refresh

No matter how adventurous you decide to be with your cabinet color, white tile is always there to back you up. This kitchen’s classic white subway tile is the glue that ties this dynamic duo of a palette together.

Tile Shown: Daisy in 2x6

White tile can also help to keep your kitchen looking bright and open. Consider counter-to-ceiling tile in white with open shelving to offer a light contrast to brightly accented cabinets below.

Brick Color Shown: Snow

White tile with contrasting grout also helps to break up big swaths of color. We love how this kitchen layers glossy hues and rustic textures with a timeless subway tile pattern.


Tile Shown: 3x6 in Stilbite

Just because your kitchen cabinets make a statement doesn’t mean your tiles can’t too. If these kitchens prove anything, it’s that tile and cabinet colors make for one powerful palette.

Tile Shown: 2x2 in Raven

Consider a black tile backsplash to add unexpected dimension to your kitchen’s color scheme.

Consider a darker floor tile in your kitchen to help accent cabinets really pop. Large format tile like the ones from our EDGE series gives accented modular cabinets the anchor they need.

Finally, this eclectic and endlessly charming kitchen's pastel pink drawers are just the icing on the cake (that cake being this irresistable Escher floor tile mosaic).

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