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Color Spotlights

Color Spotlight: Maize and Carbon, a Dynamic Duo

Color Spotlight: Maize and Carbon, a Dynamic Duo

Our Tile colors Maize and Carbon

A warm mustard yellow paired with a deep charcoal gray is a color combination that will always hold a special place in our hearts, which is why we love how our colors Maize and Carbon look paired together. Maize, a smooth sunny yellow provides the perfect contrast against our dark graphite gray, Carbon, perfect for creating a dramatic and graphic look in any space.

With such bold contrast, this color combination is perfect for crafting graphic patterns with tile the way the kitchen below has done with an arrow-inspired chevron pattern. To create a similar look with our tile, try creating a herringbone pattern with Carbon and gradually incorporating Maize and a soft white such as Tusk into the design.

Our Tile colors Tusk, Maize and Carbon

Our new Handpainted design, Old Cairo, highlights this graphic colorway, using Maize in a matte finish paired with Carbon, Black and Tusk. This design would look great as an accent surrounded by a solid area of Carbon.

A new Handpainted design, Old Cairo, part of our new Moroccan collection coming soon

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