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Color Spotlight: Clean & Bright White Wash is A Classic

By Blair Hagensen

Color Spotlight: Clean & Bright White Wash is A Classic

If you’re looking for a bright white tile guaranteed to stand the test of time, you don’t need to look any farther than White Wash. So much more than your basic white, White Wash is a classic way to add style to your space and our best-selling glaze color–for good reason!

Since it’s virtually free of all pigment and undertones, White Wash is the brightest and most luminous of the Fireclay whites. That also means that it effortlessly works with nearly any color palette. With very low color variation and minimal crackled detailing, it provides full uniform coverage while still boasting all the appeal of sustainably handmade tile. In fact, our recycled clay body that White Wash is applied to is stronger than your average porcelain tile, making White Wash a perfect blend of form and function. Plus, it’s part of our budget-friendly Foundations collection.

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White Wash Tile

Tile Shown: White Wash

Refreshing and classic, White Wash loves natural light and has a high gloss finish that fits into any aesthetic–literally. While we love color here at Fireclay (obviously!) we find White Wash to be so exciting because it represents nearly unlimited opportunity. Want a clean, minimalist installation? White Wash is an excellent choice. Need a beautifully handmade tile wainscot to complement that wallpaper you’ve had your eye on for months? Hello White Wash. Looking for a classic backsplash to perfectly finish off your New Traditional space? White. Wash.

Bright, soft kitchen with pale grey-green cabinetry and 4

Tile Shown: 4x4 in White Wash // Design: Caitlin Flemming // Image: Stephanie Russo

Whether you prefer a classic interior or an eclectic look, White Wash is here to bring your dream to life in any space including kitchens, bathrooms, pools, and more. Keep reading to see how versatile this bright white really is.

White, Bright & Timeless Spaces with White Wash

White Wash is, unsurprisingly, a natural choice for neutral interiors. With its glossy finish and consistent coloring it pops with a like-new luster long after it’s installed, enhancing other neutral elements it shares a space with. The kitchen below pairs neutral cabinetry and gorgeous granite countertops with classic Hexagon Tile in White Wash for an inviting, always-on-trend look.

White kitchen with white hexagon tile backsplash

Tile Shown: 4” Hexagon in White Wash // Design: Jessica Sparks // Image: Kim Lindsey Photography

You really can’t talk about White Wash without mentioning classic subway tile. White subway tile has been in style since its 1904 introduction in New York’s subway system, and judging by its continued liberal usage in design over 100 years later we don’t see this trend falling out of fashion anytime soon. The midcentury-style bathroom below demonstrates a fresh yet timeless way to use White Wash with its classic offset ceramic wall tile.

Midcentury bathroom with white subway tile cladding the walls and backsplash

Tile Shown: 3x6 in White Wash // Design + Image: Andrea Rugg

Forming an understated grid pattern, White Wash perfectly complements the navy blue cabinets and creates a glossy canvas for eclectic accessories in the New Traditional kitchen below.

Restored Victorian kitchen with navy blue cabinets, large red moroccan rug, and white square tile backsplash

Tile Shown: 4x4 in White Wash // Design: Mandy Lozano, Neil Kelly // Image: Netra Nei

Try playing with the size of the tile to attract the eye, like the bathroom below. A large format subway tile in White Wash clads this bathtub surround, giving off a distinctly modern look in a straight set pattern.

Bathtub with large format white tile cladding the surround

Tile Shown: 6x12 in White Wash, Hexite in Dusty Blue // Design + Image: Urbanism Designs

There’s a lot to love about the modern farmhouse kitchen below, but the breathtaking backsplash might steal the show. White Wash is luminous on our specialty Kite Tile, adding elegant counter-to-ceiling detail that elevates this kitchen to new design heights.

Bright kitchen with pale grey cabinetry and white Kite Tile backsplash

Tile Shown: Kite in White Wash // Design: Ideaspace A&D // Image: Raquel Langworthy

White Wash can be the fearless architect and designers’ favorite. The interlocking H-shaped tiles in the bathroom below create an unforgettable tub surround and coordinating built-in niche with eye-catching elements in every direction.

Beautiful white bathtub clad with interlocking H-shaped white tile

Tile Shown: Chaine Homme in White Wash, Handpainted Jardin Fretwork in custom colorway // Design: Chelsea Sachs Design // Image: Meghan Bob Photography

Thanks to its water resistance, White Wash is an excellent choice for backsplashes. Not only is it practical, it’s pretty too! The bathroom below merges elements of classic and contemporary design with a backsplash of offset square White Wash.

Bathroom vanity with white square tile backsplash, black-framed mirror and black pendant lights

Tile Shown: 4x4 in White Wash // Design: Cathie Hong Interiors // Image: Margaret Austin

White Wash Plays Well with Others

As we mentioned above, White Wash pairs beautifully with other colors. The virtual lack of pigment makes White Wash chameleon-like and a perfect candidate for blending, two-toned installations, checkerboards, and more. The bathroom below uses a refreshing burst of White Wash across the floor and soothing green tile as the backsplash to cultivate a spa-like setting.

Bright bathroom with White Wash tile across the floor and grey-green tile backsplash

Tile Shown: 3x6 in White Wash, 2x6 in Oyster Shell // Design + Image: Liz Stanley

When we said White Wash goes with all the colors, we really meant all the colors. The bathroom below showcases beautiful rainbow stripes separated by lines of White Wash for an unforgettable result.

Bathtub surround clad with rainbow striped tile, each color separated by a stripe of White Wash tile

Tile Shown: 3x12 in White Wash, Amalfi Coast, Turquoise, Neptune, Lemon Cream, Koi, Sorbet, Desert Bloom, Glacier Bay // Design: Kelly Catania, Brittany Buchser // Image: Lia Mahoney // Installer: C. Cook LLC

Is there a color combination more classic than white and blue? The bathroom below pairs White Wash with two different blues, first against a bold cerulean tile wainscot along the walls and second as a beautiful mosaic installation across the floor interspersed with navy blue tiles in a floral pattern.

Bathroom with cerulean blue tile wainscot and white mosaic tile floor interspersed with navy tile floral pattern

Tile Shown: 2” Hexagon in White Wash and Navy Blue, 3x6 in Adriatic Sea // Design: Bright Bazaar

Another example of using White Wash as a foundation with more colors sprinkled in, the kitchen backsplash below makes every day a treat with our Large Diamond Tile in a geometric Escher pattern. White Wash acts as a beautiful base for the playful pops of teal and orange.

White kitchen with white diamond tile backsplash featuring random pops of orange and teal diamond tile

Tile Shown: Small Diamond in White Wash, Caspian Sea, Mandarin // Design: Tiffany + Tom Lauria // Image: Tracy Jean Photography

Tile wainscoting and wallpaper go together like peanut butter and jelly, but the bathroom below takes it a step further by adding an evergreen accent stripe in the White Wash wainscot.

Bathroom with white tile wainscoting featuring an accent stripe of evergreen tile below bold wallpaper

Tile Shown: 4x4 in White Wash, 2x4 in Evergreen, 8” Hexagon in Gypsum // Design: Hygge & West

We love the bathroom below, where an entrance of White Wash leads to a shower awash in color. The front half of the space is entirely classic with floor and wall tile in timeless white, beautifully setting the stage for the mermaid magic you face as you walk through the arched shower door.

Bathroom featuring White Wash tile along floor and walls, with an arched shower entry leading to shower clad in ombre blue scalloped tile

Tile Shown: 2” Hexagon and 3x6 in White Wash, Ogee Drop in Adriatic Sea, Caribbean, Crater Lake, Lake Tahoe, Moonshine // Design: Brownstone Boys // Image: Nick Glimenakis

Love this look? Step inside the Brownstone Boys' stunning bathroom.

If you need a clean, handsome way to frame a handpainted tile focal point in your backsplash, White Wash is more than up to the task. In the Scandinavian-inspired kitchen below, classic subway tile in White Wash flanks a stunning column of decorative domes for a look that’s both timeless and one-of-a-kind.

Kitchen backsplash with white subway tile flanking bold modern black and white handpainted tile focal point

Tile Shown: 3x6 in White Wash, Handpainted Fallow in Cool Motif

In some cases, White Wash can create something of an optical illusion. Across the coffee bar’s braided Picket Tile in Voyager Coffee Shop, sprinkles of blue and gray appear to float in a sea of White Wash.

Voyager Craft Coffee tiled coffee bar with white picket tile interspersed with two colors of blue picket tile

Tile Shown: Picket in White Wash, Crater Lake, Overcast, Caribbean // Design: Studio BANAA // Image: Mike Sanchez // Installer: Voyager Craft Coffee

Using alternating colors of White Wash and pale grey French Linen, Becki Owens transformed a standard tile shape into an eye-catching statement on the bathroom floor below.

Powder room floor with alternating white and light grey tile

Tile Shown: 2x6 in White Wash and French Linen // Design: Becki Owens

The kitchen below proves that you don’t need a large number of sq ft to make a lasting impression. Outlining H-shaped White Wash tile in bright blue grout makes for a memorable and magnificent petite backsplash.

Petite white H-shaped tile backsplash with bright blue grout outlining the tile

Tile Shown: Chaine Homme in White Wash // Design: Mandy Riggar Interiors // Image: Christopher Dibble

Let White Wash Shine with Patterns

If you’ve fallen in love with one of Fireclay’s stunning tile patterns and want to showcase it in your space, White Wash is the perfect glaze to allow the shape to shine. The kitchen below is a beautiful example, with our Large Star & Cross Tile displayed on its counter-to-ceiling backsplash as White Wash emphasizes the interlocking pattern.

Bright kitchen with white star & cross tile backsplash

Tile Shown: Star & Cross in White Wash // Design: Ellis Creek Photography // Installer: Archetype

The bright white 2x4 tile below in a picture-perfect parquet pattern gives a fresh, updated feeling to standard field tile. The floor-to-ceiling white shower allows for a soothing respite in Orlando Soria’s guest bathroom.

All white tiled shower with 2x4 White Wash tile laid in a parquet pattern

Tile Shown: 2x4 in White Wash // Design: Orlando Soria // Image: Tessa Neustadt

The kitchen below has it all. The White Wash color in a herringbone pattern pairs beautifully with the neutral cabinets. By choosing a darker grout the designer has drawn attention to the angular pattern as well as created a conversation between the cabinetry and tile.

Kitchen with light grey cabinetry and white tile backsplash in a herringbone pattern

Tile Shown: 2x8 in White Wash // Design: Brownstone Boys // Image: Brownstone Boys, Bridget Badore

Let your tile pattern speak for itself with White Wash. The office kitchen below features a unique point-to-base triangle tile backsplash with tonal grout for a fresh, contemporary look.

Detail shot of office kitchen backsplash clad with small white triangle tile

Tile Shown: 4” Triangle in White Wash // Image: Lars Frazer // Installer: OLA Austin

White Wash is a durable and fade-resistant choice not just for interiors but for pools too. The getaway-worthy pool below channels a Moroccan riad with Star and Cross Tile in clean White Wash.

Beautiful courtyard pool with built-in spa, clad with white star and cross tile

Tile Shown: Mini Star & Cross in White Wash // Image: Jessie Lane Interiors // Image: Jess Isaac

Look at a bright white like White Wash as a fresh start. This modern bathroom space went from great to gorgeous by the turn of a tile. Herringbone and other patterns can elevate even the most humble of spaces into works of art.

Primary bathroom with white herringbone tile cladding the walls floor to ceiling

Tile Shown: 2x6 in White Wash, 2x2 in French Linen // Design: Becki Owens

A white backsplash makes a kitchen look bigger, brighter, and airier. These Picket Tiles are a unique take on the classic white tile backsplash with their lattice-like shape and high sheen.

Kitchen with warm wood cabinets and white picket tile backsplash

Tile Shown: Picket in White Wash // Design + Image: Courtney Fairchild

Want to experience the wonder of White Wash for yourself? Bring home up to five free samples to see how White Wash works in your space. If you want help finding the perfect way to use White Wash, fill out our simple Design Assistance form to get free design help from one of our friendly tile experts.

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