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Color Spotlight: Rosemary + Tusk

By Susanne Redfield

Ceramic tile is a grounding element in our homes. Like wood, stone, and brick, tile gives substance and a well-built air to any room. Given the opportunity, we could all create a spaces worthy of an Architectural Digest spread, but if you are like most people the word budget fits into the conversation somewhere along the line. Fortunately at Fireclay Tile we offer high quality, handmade tile in a variety of price ranges, which we highlight in our Character of a Glaze blog.

A great way to add impact to an installation, while keeping costs in check, is using a combination of our different glaze families. Try using an Engobe glaze to create a wow factor and an entry-level color from Foundations to do the heavy lifting.

A soft and subtle pair, Rosemary (Engobe) and Tusk (Foundations), are a natural choice for this type of collaboration. With its painterly variation and speckled texture, Rosemary's light green tint is infused with a hint of grey for a soothing and tranquil hue. Starting at $18SF in our most popular sizes, Tusk is a great option for covering the larger surface areas in your installation. Soft and subdued, Tusk is tinged with a hint of creamy ivory for an inviting air and even finish.

To recreate the soothing bathroom above, choose Rosemary in a classic 3x6 subway size around the tub, while keeping the floor neutral with Tusk. Another option is selecting a single wall of Rosemary to splurge on, while using Tusk on the surrounding walls and/or floor.

To create a focal point in the kitchen similar to the kitchen below, install Rosemary behind the stove, and use Tusk to finish out the space. Varying the dimensions of the two glaze styles increases the contrast, and draws the eye, emphasising the stove area.

Engobe Tile color shown: Rosemary

Foundations Tile color shown: Tusk

To create the graphic look, use an even amount of Tusk and Rosemary. We love the striped look in the bathroom below.

Love this look? Order free samples of Rosemary and Tusk now. Need some help? Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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