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Color Spotlights

Color Spotlight: Peacock

By Pearl

Color Spotlight: Peacock

Tile Shown: Peacock in 2x4
Image: Kitchen Clarity

Peacock was made to be seen. Flaunting a vibrant blue hue in a sumptuous matte finish, our Peacock glaze is every color-lover's dream. And whether your style is vintage, contemporary, or somewhere in-between, you can always count on Peacock to make an unforgettable statement.

Tile Shown: Peacock in 1x1 Sheeted 

Image: Apartment Therapy

Tile Shown: Peacock in 2x4, Offset

This eclectic living room has plenty of curios, but the undisputable star is the bright blue fireplace. A floor-to-ceiling installation adds extra impact.

Image: The Apartment

Peacock even plays well with classic interiors. This blue hue pairs well with traditional architectural elements like molding and wainscotting. 

Image: Homebook


Tile Shown: Peacock in Elongated Diamond

Peacock is your chance to think outside the box. Try a geometric tile like our Elongated Diamond and mix it with a neutral tile for a dynamic ombre effect. 

Image: Apartment Therapy

This shade of blue also adds rich undertones, elevating vintage accents into gallery-worthy pieces. Warm woods and rustic textures also mix well. 

Image: Arch Daily

Tile Shown: Peacock in 4x4 

For the modernistas out there, a square straight set arrangement in Peacock can help to ground this lively blue. This contemporary bathroom looks as sumptuous as it is soothing.

Want more blue tile inspiration? Follow our Pinterest Board for some of our hand-picked favorites. Want a piece of Peacock for yourself? Order color samples online now. Need some help? Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented design consultants will get back to you shortly. 

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