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Color Spotlight: Olympic

By Lindsey

Color Spotlight: Olympic

Tile Shown: Glazed Thin Brick in Olympic // Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel // Photos: Zan Passante

Our gold medal color of 2018? Olympic! From rustic to refined spaces, Olympic Glazed Thin Brick works well in a variety of applications with its textural surface and soft crackle finish. Keep scrolling to see more of this fan favorite brick color! 


Metal accents, especially gold tones, pair well with Olympic brick. Add warm wooden open shelving to bring out the cozy undertones of this high-gloss white glaze. 

Design + Photo: K Interiors 

Olympic can be a very versatile and transformative glaze. When paired with contrasting cool tones, Olympic seems to transition into a cooler white as well. It's always best to request color samples so you can see the glazes in your own light (natural or artificial). Environment, lighting, and even grout color can affect how these colors come across in your space. 

Design + Photo: Megan Robinson 

Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel // Photo: Zan Passante 

Olympic glazed brick has high color variation; level 4 on our scale from 1-4. Color highs and lows will not more dramatic than some of our other brick glazes. If you like the look of Olympic, and want to further highlight its color variation, we recommend intermixing part Olympic, part Lewis Range for a brighter white look, or White Mountains for softer grey variation (see more on that below!). Olympic is an "Engobe" color which means there is a white primer between the Olympic glaze and the red brick body. This Engobe primer accentuates translucent glazes like Olympic and allows for crazing, aka crackle, to show. 

Tile Shown: Olympic Glazed Thin Brick

Because of this crazing, and the light color glaze, we don't recommend choosing a dark-pigmented grout-- which can potentially stain the brick. Instead, we recommend selecting a white or light, natural grout color: 

Design: Rachel Hills // Photos: Kat Alves

Pro Tip: Using grout release or sealing your bricks prior to grouting may also aid in stain prevention. It's always best to test a small spot first before grouting your entire space. 


Our recommended grout space with all of our glazed thin bricks is 3/8." Read more about brick grout space and overage recommendations here! 

All of our glazes are made, mixed, and applied by hand. Because of this, they are subject to change over time. It's crucial to obtain current color samples from your Design Consultant before purchase to make sure the colors haven't slightly shifted since your last sample request. 

For example, in the past, Olympic was exhibiting more color variation with grey undertones, as seen here in Anne Sage's kitchen:

Design: Studio McGee // Photos: Monica Wang Photography


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The Olympic glaze has since become more stabilized, making it more consistent from piece to piece (less color variation). If you're still loving the look of Anne's kitchen, we suggest mixing in 10% of White Mountains into your Olympic brick order as shown below! 

Design + Photos: Jitka Jahn


For another high-impact look, bring your Olympic brick from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. Not only will you add visual interest with texture, but it will also draw your eyes up giving the illusion of a taller space! 

Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel // Photo: Zan Passante

Olympic truly is a transformative white that pairs with everything and anything. Order free samples today to try this color out in your own space! 


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