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Color Spotlight: Lewis Range

Arguably the closest nature comes to absolute white is fresh fallen snow, and our glazed thin Brick color, Snow is as white is a celebration of this coveted winter color palette. By now, we are all familiar with the truisms of white–How it opens up a space, it's clean and calming effect, how it reflects light. Now just add the natural texture of Brick and you'll turn your space into a winter white wonderland with an industrial flare.

The brilliant white brick in the the modern farm kitchen below features a floor to ceiling installation that offers up the idea of a clutter free zone that is as cheerful as it is pristine.

Brick is the perfect candidate for the 1/4 offset installation. A lively take on the classic offset design, 1/4 offset has a unique randomized effect that is both artful and orderly.

Below a white tile similar to Snow makes a sharp, modern statement from floor to ceiling with a thoughtfully placed niche for extra storage.

The bright modern walls below are softened by the more rustic furnishings creating a space brimming with both contemporary and rustic appeal.

Brick color shown: Snow

Brick is not just for the kitchen or bath, a wall tiled in brick increases durability, and creates a strong and solid framework.

The Snow white brick in the kitchen below brings unity to a complex space. The table, chairs, and lighting take on a sculptural quality and create impact against the pure white wall.

For visual interest choose a charcoal colored grout to set off the stylish brick installation.

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