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Color Spotlights

Color Spotlight: How to Choose the Perfect White

Color Spotlight: How to Choose the Perfect White

Colors shown: Snow, White Gloss, Chalk White, Coconut, Clear Glaze, Shell, and Ultra Cream

Doesn't it seem odd that white, the simplest hue, is one of the most complicated tile colors?  With a variety of tints and undertones, each shade of white has a very distinctive look, so it is important to figure out which white is going to work best in your specific interior.  If you are looking for a clean minimalist feel, you'll want to go with a true bright white, if you want something warmer, an ivory infused white will be your best bet.  Whichever aesthetic you are trying to achieve, choosing the right white is key, and like always we are here to help!  Now let's take a look at the complicated world of white and learn how to use each of the different shades.

Bright Whites:  Classic bright whites work best when you are trying to achieve a very clean, modern or contemporary look.  These refreshing shades will provide brilliant contrast against other surface materials, and will creat a true blank slate for your space.  These shades will also reflect the most light, so if you are looking to create an open, airy atmospshere, a bright white will work well.  Our bright white tiles come in a variety of shades and surfaces.  Our color, Frost has a slightly crackled surface for added texture, our colors White Wash and Mica offer a clean and smooth surface, and our Chalk White offers a soft matte finish.

Tile colors shown: Frost, White WashChalk White, and Mica

Brick color shown is Snow


Kitchen installation featuring our glazed Brick in Snow

Soft Whites: Softer whites tend to contain subtle hints of ivory.  These shades create a warmer environment than a bright whitel, but are not as warm as a creamy white.  They are perfectly balanced between the two ends of the white spectrum.  Soft whites pair well with warm wood finishes, and other colorful hues.  They can lean toward both contemporary and traditional aesthetics depending on how you use them, making them a highly versatile option.  Our favorite soft whites are White Gloss, Coconut and Tusk.

Tile colors shown: White Gloss, Coconut, and Tusk

Kitchen installation featuring our Paseo shape in White Gloss

Gray Tinged Whites:  For a more contemporary look try a white with gray undertones.  These whites pair nicely with other cool colors and neutrals and add a soft tuch to contemporary, modern, and industrial interiors.  Our glass hues, Cotton and Cotton Matte as well as our Brick hue, Cotton, offer a subtle hints of gray.

Glass colors shown: Cotton, Cotton Matte; Brick colors shown: Cotton


Restaurant installation featuring our glazed Brick in Cotton and Snow

Creamy Whites:  If you love the fresh, clean feel of white but want your space to feel warm and welcoming, try a creamy shade of white.  These warm tones are infused with hints of yellow, taking away the bright and stark quality of a true white.  These whites work best in more neutral and traditional interiors and pair nicely with de-saturated pastel hues such as our Powder Blue and Celedon.

Tile Colors shown: Clear Glaze, Shell, and Ultra Cream

Brick color shown: Silk

Bathroom installation featuring our 3x6 Tile in Shell

Need help choosing your perfect white?  Simply fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you within 24 hours.