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Color Spotlights

Color Spotlight: Forget Me Not is Not to be Forgotten

Our Glass color Forget Me Not

Playfully light, Forget Me Not is the perfect sky blue with subtle hints of fresh, minty green layered beneath an evenly polished surface.  Whether used on its own or paired with other colors, this unique blue is sure to create a visually striking focal point in any space.

This restaurant installation creates a clearly defined focal point by filling a large recessed frame with an offset arrangement of 2x4 Glass tile in Forget Me Not.  Strategically placed lighting beautifully enhances the gently rippling texture of the offset arrangement, creating a serene ambiance for this casually cool space.

Restaurant installation featuring our Glass color Forget Me Not and our Brick color Cotton.

We love to pair Forget Me Not with cool neutrals such as our Brick color, Cotton.  Cotton has a slightly gray undertone which when matched with a blue like Forget Me Not creates an understated and sophisticated contemporary aesthetic.

Forget Me Not and Cotton

Due to its Chameleon-like qualities, Forget Me Not blends wonderfully with a range of other blues and green hues, making it the perfect staple color for glass mosaic blends.  This bathroom installation paired Forget Me Not with a variety of analogous colors to create a cool retreat reminiscent of the varying tones found in the ocean.


Bathroom mosaic installation featuring Forget Me Not, Icicle, Dusty Olive, Plankton and Island Flower

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