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Color Spotlights

Color Spotlight: Go Soft and Fresh With Fennel

Classic, eternal, and iconic, our cool delicate Fennel conjures up the heavy hitting adjectives of the design world. There is a certain Je ne sais quoi, an uncountable attraction, to this color. It all started with the Eastern Han Dynasty around year 25 AD. But not until the 17th century did the pale green pottery make its way to Europe. Some adventurous potter figured out how to manipulate Iron oxide and Oxygen, and the rest is history. To this day chemists tinker, firemasters adjust the kilns, and design mavens debate the finer details of this minty, milky, green hue with just a hint of grey/blue.

Tile color shown: Fennel

Fresh and clean, Fennel is a classic choice for a contemporary country kitchen. Shade variation is a key componenet of the beauty of this tile, and our pale, gorgeous, green has it in spades. We celebrate the perfectly imperfect quality of our tile. Our products are rated from V-1 (meaning minimal variation) to V-4 (meaning more variation) Fennel, is a V-4, bringing subtle liveliness and softness to any space.

From farm kitchen, Fennel transitions seamlessly to a super chic and sophisticated palette. Imagine the possibilities!

The soft green hue pairs exceptionally well with so many options, from cool stones, to the warm natural tones of wood and leather.

Exceptionally classic, surprisingly current, Fennel offers modern sophistication, contemporary chic, rustic charm, to where we live, laugh, and spend our days with family and friends.

Try exploring Fennel in a variety of sizes and shapes to add interest and layers to your living space.

An intricate pattern such as Chaine Homme brings out the best in Fennel's glaze variation.

Texture adds interest as well. Try our glazed thin Brick, crafted from reclaimed earth, for a rustic and distinctive look. With just a whisper of green, Willow is a brilliant choice for a Brick look similar to Fennel.

Brick color shown: Willow

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