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Color Spotlights

Color Spotlight: Cool Off with Blue Ridge Brick

By Susanne Redfield

Did you know that blue is the most popular color worldwide? If you are in the mood for composed, calm and sedate, then Vintage Blue is a real contender. A cool gray undertone gives Vintage Blue a sophisticated air, while its deep shade offers an industrial-style feel. This color works with any architectural interior style, and the beauty of thin brick is it can be used as exterior cladding as well.

Like your favorite denim, this slightly muted blue is clearly a stress-reducing color, and paired with some warm, golden, bling in the kitchen below it provides a refreshing change to the more common everyday brown and beige kitchens we see, truly a breath of fresh air.

The herringbone patterned backsplash below introduces an effective design element adding polish and refinement, while the blue tone itself works as a grounding neutral.

White grout and great lighting bring a fresh and breezy feel to this steamlined subway style vanity backsplash. Tie it all together with our Daisy Matte in 1 X 6 with a blue grout for the floor.

Tile color shown: Daisy

Fireclay Thin Brick color shown: Vintage Blue

This bathroom is invigorating and fun with its riot of geometric shapes and tile sizes. Floor to ceiling tile could read institutional, but the blue color keeps it welcoming, as well as adding volume and depth.

This earnest blue brick fireplace creates strong architectural bones and a certain formality in the slightly raw living room below. Eclectic pieces of mid-century modern furniture paired with refined details like a bit of copper sheen create a worn-in-yet-elegant, chic look.

A sunny white living room stays beachy and refreshing with warm wood floors while the charming blue tiled fireplace is a welcoming, comfortable inclusion.

This blue gray tile shade adds indespensable architectural allure to a clean, geometric, modern home. The color adds interest and dimension without layering on distracting hues.

Ideal for an outdoor space, the pop of blue brick enhances the simple, classic architectural style of the patio. The different textures of smooth concrete, natural wood door frames, and glazed brick bring a sense of depth and luxury.

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