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Color Spotlights

Color Spotlight: 4 Tips for Using Contemporary Neutrals

Color Spotlight: 4 Tips for Using Contemporary Neutrals


Our Glazed Thin Brick shown in Cotton and Alcatraz

As part of our new handpainted collections launching this Spring, we will be introducing a contemporary collection emphasizing clean lines, geometric patterns, and one of our favorite neutral color schemes, gray and white.  Follow these 5 tips when using this clean and fresh color combination and you're guaranteed to achieve the perfect amount of contemporary cool.

2. ) Pattern makes all the difference

We know some of you prefer neutrals over color, and we get it–a neutral space feels sophisticated, clean and calm.  But the question is, how do you add interest to your neutral space instead of letting it fall flat?  One way to remedy this pesky problem is through the use of pattern.  Choosing a simple, contemporary pattern can help add a subtle sense of depth and dimension to your design.  These geometric designs featured in our new contemporary collection would look great paired next to a solid gray or white, such as our Glazed Thin Brick colors, Cotton and Alcatraz.


Similar designs will be available as part of our new Handpainted Contemporary Collection

3. ) Try a combination of shades

If you're designing with one specific neutral such as gray, adding a variety of shades of that neutral will help add depth to your space.  We suggest mixing different shades of our grays in different textures, try pairing tile with brick, or matte glass with tile.  When it comes to neutrals, variety is key.


Colors shown are Ash Matte, Alcatraz, and Shale

1. ) Use Grays that lean toward the warmer side of the spectrum

A cool color by nature, gray works well in warmer shades when paired with white.  You want your space to feel contemporary, not cold.  Choosing a gray that leans toward Taupe will provide warmth to your design, while preventing too much of a stark contrast against your white.  Choosing a warm white such as our Tile in Tusk will also help create a seamless pairing.


An office installation featuring our tile in Sand Dune

4. ) Add a variety of texture

Contemporary designs typically share a common thread, sleek clean lines, simple color schemes, and a mix of materials and textures.  When designing with contemporary neutrals, texture will add a much-needed layer of visual interest to your design.  We love how the kitchen above pairs their gray and white color scheme with textured wood, and slick, stainless steel appliances.


Kitchen Installation featuring our Paseo shape