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Kali Robledo

Kali Robledo

Social Media Maven

Shannon joined the team in 2013 as Fireclay's Social Media Maven. After graduating from the University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in Cultural Anthropology, Shannon pursued her lifelong passion for interior design by working as a freelance writer for Houzz. Her interest in design related content eventually led her to Fireclay where she gets to spend her day spreading the Fireclay word and help get tile to the people!

Favorite thing about Fireclay: The beautiful handmade nature of our tile, especially our new Handpainted Collections.

Susanne Redfield

Susanne Redfield

Creative Consultant

Tile designer and ceramist Susanne Kibak Redfield merges her Danish roots and love of traditional crafts with a modern sense of restraint that brings just enough to the design without going over the top. After graduating from the University of California Santa Cruz in 1981, Susanne started her own business making ceramic tiles. She introduced Kibak Tile through Kneedler Fauchere, a revered interior showroom to the trade, then spent twenty five years in a successful relationship with Ann Sacks. "I began hearing about Fireclay Tile, their sustainable story and youthful energy really captured my imagination, I absolutely wanted to be part a company that really cares about tomorrow. Designing product for Fireclay Tile is energizing, truly inspirational.



Tile vs Glass in the Bathroom:  Which is Best For You?

by Shannon Malone

Our Glass Tile shown in Forget Me Not, Icicle, Dusty Olive, Plankton, and Island Flower

There are endless decisions to be made when remodeling a bathroom, and we know that a good chunk of those decisions you are trying to finalize have to do with tile.  There are so many different products  out there, not to mention the vast amount of colors, patterns, and designs available, it can be difficult to figure out exactly which type of bathroom tile is going to work best for your needs.  Thats why we decided to make your life a little easier by covering the pros and cons of using our top bathroom contenders,  ceramic tile and glass tile.

So let's start with Glass

Pros of using glass tile in the bathroom: 

  1. Glass tile is beautiful and offers your bathroom a unique visual appeal, and with an enormous selection of colors and mosaics to choose from, your design options are literally limitless.
  2. Glass reflects light, making your space apear brighter and oftentimes, larger.
  3. One of our favorite features is that glass tile is relatively low maintenance, all you need to keep it clean is window cleaner and a cloth.  Because of its low maintenance factor, we suggest using glass tile in the shower area where you will experience soap build up that needs to be cleaned regularly.
  4. Glass tile is translucent, therefore, unlike any other surface material, that beautiful color you picked out will show all the way through the tile, providing an additional sense of depth and dimmension.
  5. Fireclay Glass tile is also made from 100% recycled Window and Solar glass in San Jose, CA.

Our 1x4 Glass Tile shown in Juniper

Cons of using glass tile in the bathroom: 

  1. One of the biggest challenges with glass tile is the level of difficulty during installation.  Installing glass tile is not easy, and will almost always require a professional tile installer.  
  2. Glass tile starts at $28/sf, where ceramic Tile starts at $14/sf, if you're on a tight budget, you may want to consider using glass as accent, rather than covering large surface areas.  Using glass as an accent will also help colorful mosaic blends from overwhelming the room.
  3. Although glass is easy to clean, its reflective surface highlights imperfections.  This means all those little finger prints will be more apparent, so if you're not one to clean your tile frequently, glass may not be for you.
  4. Glass's slippery smooth surface may not be appropriate for all floor applications.  If you really want to use glass on your floor, use a matte finish tile in a s smaller size for more traction, and try adding a non-slip sealant for increased slip resistance.

Our 3x6 Tile shown in Shell

Next up, Tile

Pros of using tile in the bathroom:

  1. Price is one of the biggest pros when it comes to ceramic tile.  Ceramic tile is more affordable, starting at only $14/sf, making it a great choice for larger surface areas such as the floor, ceiling, and a walls.  
  2. Ceramic tile is DIY friendly!  We always recommend using a professional tile installer for the best possible result, but if you're up to the challenge, ceramic tile can be installed without professional help.  Just make sure you are prepared. 
  3. Ceramic tile is a very durable choice for your bathroom.  It will stand the test of time against daily wear and tear, and with the right grout and the right cleaning supples it will be fairly low maintenance.
  4. There are hundreds of tile colors to choose from, each one offering unique texture, finish and color variation.  To match these beautiful colors, there is a large selection of tile patterns and shapes to choose from, adding more visual interest to your design.
  5. Ceramic tile has many trim options which allows you to add the perfect finishing details. Bullnose pieces create the perfect clean edge to a shower surround and quarter rounds help finish edge details such as an inset shelf or a shower pan.
  6. Fireclay ceramic Tile is made in Aroma's, CA with extensive color options made on our 70% recycled clay body.

A bathroom floor shown in our ceramic tile color, Basil

Cons of using tile in the bathroom:  

  1. Ceramic tile can be very cold underfoot, especially during the cooler months.  Adding a rug to your tiled bathroom floor will work wonders and if you have a few extra bucks, consider installing a radient heated floor mat such as Nuheat
  2. Not everyone will feel comfortable installing tile on their own, therefore a professional installer will sometimes be needed.  Hiring a professional will increase the overall price of your project.
  3. Cermic tile is handmade which means slight irregularities should be expected, this adds character and an artisanal feel but generally means it's best to hire a pro to handle an intricate bathroom installation.

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