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Bring Your Boho Style Up To Speed

By Ted Ryan

Bring Your Boho Style Up To Speed

Bo·he·mi·an /bōˈhēmēən/
socially unconventional in an artistic way.

With a definition as broad as bohemian, it’s no wonder this style is a little hard to pin down. But one thing’s for sure, the boho style is bigger than ever. Effortlessly cool and transcending stereotypes it usually takes a true bohemian to master the style of boho interior design. But with a little explaining and a few of these tips, you’ll be relaxing in a boho oasis of your very own.

Justina Blakeney's Jungalicious Primary Bathroom

Tile Shown: 8" Hexagons in Adriatic Sea // Design + Image: Justina Blakeney

What is Boho Style?

Boho style doesn’t fit in a box so this really an open-ended question. At its core, boho is a reflection of a free-spirited life lived on one’s own terms with lived experiences that don’t follow the typically traveled path. Handmade wares, goods collected on faraway world travels or down the road at the local flea market, comfortable decor, and a casual color palette that encourages you to relax and unwind.

Justina Blakeney Boho master bathroom

Tile Shown: Tidewater in 2 x 8, Elephant Star in Cool Motif // Design + Image: Justina Blakeney

Kilim area rugs with vibrant color patterns and texture, natural materials like hardwood, rattan, and ceramic tile, art with global inspiration are all examples of bohemian decor. Low furniture inspired by Asian and Middle Eastern design is common in boho design. Woven baskets, sprawling bookshelves, and macrame wall hangings feature prominently as well.

And since boho isn’t one thing, mixing and matching is encouraged. A little bit hippy, a little bit eclectic, a little bit old-fashioned, boho design is a composite of the things that make you, you.

Sample the Style

Our Boho favorites include Ceramic color samples in Palm Tree, Tidewater, Antique, Aegean Sea, Caspian Sea, Bryce Canyon, Tusk, and Amalfi Coast:

Bohemian Tile Colors

History of Boho Style

The original bohemians were people from 6th century Bohemia, now the Czech Republic. When Roma gypsies migrated to western Europe, the French coined them pejoratively as Bohemians. But as the French Revolution began at the end of the 18th century, artists who were thrown into poverty took up the name, recognized for their ragged dress and counterculture ideals.

Danielle & Ely Franko handpainted room

Tile Shown: Aerial in White Motif // Design+ Image: Danielle & Ely Franko

The identity was adopted by contemporaries across Europe for a century, pulling in Slavic and Middle Eastern elements before British Arts and Crafts textile designer William Morris introduced bohemian elements to the interior design world, setting the stage for the boho-chic design style we know today.

In the US, hippies of the 1960s counterculture popularized the fashion and design style celebrating the global homespun aesthetic and anti-bourgeois symbolism.

Boho Kitchen Design

Fashion turned interior designer, Dani Nagel, doesn’t shy away from the colorful counterculture aesthetic of her Los Angeles kitchen. Using bright colors a bold chunky area rug, caned furniture, and an eye-catching Handpainted Pivot Tile backsplash, this kitchen sings with out-of-the-box creativity.

Dazey Den Kitchen Backsplash

Tile Shown: Tumbleweed 2 x 8, Handpainted Pivot in Custom Motif // Design +Image: Dani Nagel

Sarah Dubbeldam of Darling, Magazine gives her kitchen a boho makeover with custom Handpainted Kasbah Trellis Tile in Basalt, Peacock, Gypsum, and Daisy with black drylines for a Moroccan afghan inspired design that’s cool as they come.

Darling Magazine Custom Kasbah Trellis Handpainted floor

Tile Shown: Kasbah Trellis in Custom Motif // Design + Image: Darling, Magazine

DIY Queen and boho aficionado Elena Lohse of This House 5000 remodeled her Toronto kitchen with custom Handpainted Fallow floor tiles and installed a vaulted ceiling with skylights to show off the exposed brick of her home that emphasizes comfort, craftsmanship, and boho decor.

This house 5000 custom fallow tile

Tile Shown: Fallow in Custom Motif // Design + Image: Elena Lohse

Moroccan-inspired tile, basket light fixtures and wall art, printed upholstery, mixed medium furniture, and plenty of plant life and still life, this artistic bohemian kitchen by Blakeney sisters, Justina and Faith nailed the bohemian designs of this eclectic kitchen.

Boho Style Kitchen by Justina Blakeney of The Jungalow

Tile Shown: Amalfi Coast in Paseo // Design: Faith Blakeney // Image: Justina Blakeney

Justine Blakeney Almalfi Coast Kitchen Backspalsh

Tile Shown: Amalfi Coast in Paseo // Design: Faith Blakeney // Image: Justina Blakeney

Boho Bathroom Design

Bright colors and Middle Eastern motifs highlight this kid's bohemian-inspired bathroom. Bright orange Ogee floor tile is framed with blue cove bases that go well with the patterned wallpaper and matching tub surround niche.

Tile Shown: Ember in Ogee, Lake Tahoe in Ogee, Ember in 1 x 6 // Design: Maria Causey Interior Design // Image: Christy Kosnic

This bathroom’s bohemian style is impossible to miss with Handpainted Elephant Star floors a traditional Moroccan pattern in the earthy Cool Motif.

Brooke Eversoll handpainted floor

Tile Shown: Elephant Star in Cool Motif // Design: Brooke Eversoll // Image: Rickie Agapito

Old world boho charm adorns this elegant bathroom with a warm Cardamom and grassy Amalfi Coast color scheme featured in a decorative Hexite Tile pattern, finished with brass fixtures, natural decoration and small woven sundry baskets.

Bethany Fay Designs almalfi and cardamom bathroom backsplash

Tile Shown: Cardamom in Hexite, Amalfi Coast in Hexite // Design: Bethany Fay Designs // Image: Open House Photography

A mix and match of unique tile shapes set against spectacularly colored wallpaper with an exotic motif, this bathroom spells adventure off the beaten path and an eye for the unusual.

Chaine Homme and picket bathroom

Tile Shown: Salton Sea in Chaine Homme, Feldspar Picket //Design: CGC Design // Image: Andy McRory

Jungalow pioneers Justina and Faith Blakeney pulled out all the stops with their signature global decorating style in this bathroom featuring fish scale Ogee Drop wall tile with Japanese-inspired Handpainted Summit Tile. Finished with an abundance of flora, a bamboo framed mirror, and an import-chic vanity, you practically need a passport to get into this boho bathroom.

Justina Blakeney ogee drop and handpainted boho bathroom

Tile Shown: Cardamom Ogee Drop, Summit in Cool Motif // Desing: Faith Blakeney // Image: Justina Blakeney

More Boho Design

Inspired by traditional Moroccan riads, this Handsome Salt-designed pool brings boho to the backyard. Tiled in bright Koi Ceramic Tile and framed by a jungle of tropical vegetation, you’ll want to grab a pillow and lounge the day away.

Handsome Salt Koi Pool

Tile Shown: Koi in 4 x 4 // Design: Handsome Salt // Image: Jenny Siegwart

Another Moroccan outdoor inspiration, this patio from Claire Thomas comes correct with all the right boho notes. Checkerboard tile in Taxi and City Lights makes a low lounge area to relax with pillows, set under a pergola with a natural ocotillo roof and a woven basket chandelier.

Claire Thomas outside patio

Tile Shown: Taxi in 4 x 8, City Lights in 4 x 8 // Design + Image: Claire Thomas

Bright colors, check. Unique art, check. Bamboo and basket accents, check, check. Finished with flora and this bold Basalt Picket floor, this entryway by Elisa Valldeperas, aka My Plant Lover sets the perfect tone to a comfortable, non-conformist boho home.

Elisa Valldeperas Basalt picket

Tile Shown: Basalt Picket // Design: Elisa Valldeperas // Image: Raquel Wyckoff

Modern boho to the max, this living room designed by Noz Nozawa of Noz Design really has it all. Daring wallpaper, home decor from around the globe, comfortable furniture, a chunky area rug, and a fireplace focal point of insanely creative custom tile from our Handpainted Agrarian Collection, the House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House is a bohemian dream come true.

Noz Design handpainted and 8x8 tile fireplace

Tile Shown: Desert Bloom in 8 x 8, Ember in 8 x 8, Mandarin in 8 x 8, Tomato Red in 8 x 8, Fallow in White Motif, Grange in White Motif // Design: Noz Design // Image: David Patterson Photography

Ready to bring some boho-chic style into your home? Call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented boho-pro Design Consultants will get back to you shortly!

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