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Blue and White Tile Always Get It Right

By Pearl

Blue and White Tile Always Get It Right

Throughout history blue and white has been a recurrent theme of ceramic traditions around the world, and this classic color combo is just as alluring today as it was hundreds of years ago. Whether it’s decor, textiles, or tiles, you really can’t go wrong with pairing blue and white together.

If you’re drawn toward a cobalt and white colorway historically found on porcelain tiles, a midcentury modern teal and white palette, or another iteration of this classic pairing, keep reading to be inspired by all the ways that blue and white tile gets it right.

Blue and White by Hand

Handpainted blue and white tile has a rich global history, and this tradition is one that we’re proud to be continuing at Fireclay. Plus with customization available, you’re able to bring your dream blue and white color combo to life on handpainted tile in a one-of-a-kind way. Here are several examples of handpainted tile, from intricate and old world to minimal and modern.

In an otherwise neutral space, this handpainted kitchen backsplash makes a timeless statement. Flanked by white field tile, the quintessentially Mediterranean pattern adds the perfect pop of navy and white.

Handpainted tile with blue interlocking quatrefoils serves as a backsplash showcase behind the stove, with 4x8 white tile on either side.

Tile Shown: Malta in Cool Motif // Design: Diane Gordon Design // Images: Elisabeth Gordon

This guest bathroom uses a combination of handpainted tile and specialty shapes that complement each other with a starry theme. The handpainted tile, inspired by Morocco’s vibrant geometric motifs, has an attractive custom combination of blue, white, grey, and yellow glaze that coordinates well with the classic white star and cross tiles.

Light-filled bathroom with handpainted blue and white tile featuring an intricate star pattern along the floor and one shower wall, with white star and cross tile along the other shower walls.

Tile Shown: Vitoria in custom colorway (similar to Cool Motif) and Star & Cross in Daisy // Design: Ali Hynek // Image: Becky Kimball

Handpainted blue and white tiles don’t have to be elaborate. A midcentury favorite, the bold graphic pattern of Starburst looks especially good as floor tile while the rich teal glaze color is simply splendid.

Bathroom floor of teal handpainted tile with midcentury starburst design.

Tile Shown: Starburst in Peacock // Image + Design: In Honor of Design

Another unexpected blue and white option, this handpainted tile featuring concentric circles offers a graphic statement with two shades of blue on a white background. Arranging the tile so that the diagonal grooves are pointing in different directions creates a dynamic and improvised look in this modern kitchen.

Modern kitchen with light wood cabinets and backsplash of handpainted tile featuring concentric circles.

Tile Shown: Maze in Warm Motif // Design: Elemental Green // Image: Jill Tiongco Photography

Inspired by Persian Safavid rugs, the cool blue and white pattern on this handpainted tile makes this pool house bathroom feel worlds away. We love the greenish blues being given the spotlight in this gorgeous tile.

Bathroom vanity with circular mirror and backsplash of turquoise, navy, and white handpainted tile.

Tile Shown: Old Cairo in custom colorway (similar to Cool Motif) // Design: Shannon Eddings, Sarah Bullock McIntyre // Image: Katie Jameson

Handpainted navy and white tile with a quadrant pattern create an oversized polka-dot effect in this bathroom. The result is a space that feels classic, modern, and fun at the same time.

Blue bathroom vanity with circular mirror, white wall, and tile floor of oversize navy and white polka dots.

Tile Shown: Fallow in custom colorway // Design: Project M Plus // Image: Bethany Nauert // Installer: Build Boswell

A floral take on blue and white, this handpainted kitchen backsplash leaves a lasting impression with perennial flower power. Using two shades of blue to create two different floral patterns creates an optical illusion that you won’t be able to look away from.

View of kitchen stove with full wall backsplash of floral-patterned handpainted tile.

Tile Shown: Sintra in a custom colorway // Design: Annabode Interior Design // Image: S. Brenner Photography

This bathroom floor is a study in hues of blue. Adding tame neutrals like white and grey can help subdue the boldness of a graphic pattern, as shown in these handpainted floor tiles. Two different sizes of white tile in the bath and tub surround keep the visual interest high.

Bathroom with multicolored tile floor, blue wainscoting, and white tiled tub and surround.

Tile Shown: Grange in custom colorway (similar to Warm Motif), 2x6 in Daisy, and 4x4 in Daisy // Design: Kate Lester Interiors // Image: Gray Malin

Alternating Currents

Much like blue and white, stripes will never go out of style. Whether you choose classic stripes or a play on the pattern, the possibilities are endless with ceramic tile.

This cascading diagonal stripe pattern is easily achieved with colored subway wall tile. Combine two shades of your favorite blues and pair them with white finishes for a clean, coastal look.

Light and bright kitchen with white floating shelf, two-toned tile backsplash, white cabinets, and blue hexagon tile floor.

Tile Shown: 2x6 tiles in Caribbean + Crater Lake with 6" Hexagons in Crater Lake // Design: Meg Braff Designs // Image: David Land, Courtesy of Coastal Living

The cafe below showcases one thick stripe with rows of blue brick, while straight-set white brick above the shallow wooden shelf creates a modern color block accent. Our Glazed Thin Brick's rustic surface texture can also add a vintage-inspired element.

Along the wall, white straight-set brick sits above a shallow wooden shelf with blue brick installed vertically below the shelf.

Brick Shown: Allegheny, Lewis Range, and Olympic // Design: Young America Creative // Image: Lauren Edith Andersen // Installer: Verve Coffee Roasters

Classic stripes with a twist! This bathroom uses blue tile laid both vertically and horizontally to create stripes of different widths, laid between white square tiles.

Double vanity in bathroom with two mirrors installed in front of a backsplash of irregularly striped tile.

Tile Shown: 3x12 in custom colorway (similar to Caribbean) and 6x6 in White Wash // Design + Image: Leslie Murchie

Stripes go abstract in this geometric installation. This backsplash features Elongated Diamond tile in a diagonal ombre confetti pattern, as shades of blue fade into white. The result is a stunning and unique kitchen.

(Elongated Diamond is discontinued, for a similar design, try Large Diamond)

Contemporary kitchen with multicolored geometric tile backsplash.

Tile Shown: Elongated Diamond in Caspian Sea (Elongated Diamond is discontinued, for a similar design, try Large Diamond), Jade, Calcite, and Magnetite // Design + Image: Jackson Design & Remodeling

Taking stripes in a whole new direction, this fun bathroom uses two shades of blue tile to create a tonal broken stripe pattern, complete with a perfect shower niche. Keeping everything else in the bathroom white really allows the unique pattern pop.

Tub surround of tile in a two-toned broken stripe pattern.

Tile Shown: 2x8 in Flagstone and Nautical // Design + Image: Joy Street Design

Sometimes all it takes is one well-chosen contrasting color to make a big impact. Case in point: this blue stripe slicing through a backsplash of white. Another point of interest is the row of vertical tile sandwiched between a classic horizontal install.

Light and airy kitchen featuring white tile backsplash with one thin stripe of blue tile.

Tile Shown: 2x8 in Tusk and Nautical // Design: Colossus // Image: Stephanie Russo

An asymmetrical ombre pattern made from hexagon tiles creates a pixelated stripe effect in this fun and futuristic kitchen backsplash.

Kitchen with open shelving and light wood cabinets, featuring an ombre hexagon tile backsplash.

Tile Shown: 6” Hexagon in Peacock, Morning Thaw, and Daisy // Design: Jkath Design Build + Reinvent // Image: Chelsie Lopez

A modern, minimal straight-set installation naturally forms thin stripes in Brooklinen’s Williamsburg flagship store. The deep royal blue of the ceramic tile is complemented beautifully with white grout.

Brooklinen's store featuring an island tiled in sophisticated 1x6 mosaic tile, with an accent of the same tile on the wall.

Tile Shown: 1x6 Sheeted in Blue Velvet // Design: Tangible Space // Image: Charlie Schuck // Installer: Brooklinen

Graphic Impact

What's blue, white, and eye-catching all over? Ceramic tile that packs a graphic punch. Don’t be afraid to go bold with blue and white graphic tile–even the most contemporary patterns feel subtly classic with a blue and white palette.

This vibrant kitchen is a perfect example. Interlocking H-shaped tile in cobalt blue makes the backsplash an eclectic and beautiful focal point, while the use of white grout to outline the graphic shape adds a hint of familiarity thanks to the classic color pairing.

Modern eclectic kitchen featuring white cabinets, a cobalt blue island, and interlocking tile backsplash.

Tile Shown: Chaine Homme in Blue Velvet // Design: Noz Design // Image: Colin Price Photography

White mosaic tile with a navy floral pattern across the floor creates a sweet vintage feel in this beautifully appointed bathroom, and deep blue subway tile along the walls and shower curb completes the look.

Vintage-inspired bathroom with blue tile wall, mosaic floor with daisy pattern, clawfoot tub, and walk-in shower.

Tile Shown: 3x6 in Adriatic Sea, 2” Hexagon Sheeted in Navy Blue and White Wash // Design: Bright Bazaar

Large hexagon tiles are a simple–and stunning–way to achieve a graphic look. This bathroom is awash in blue thanks to hexagon tiles across the floor, walls, and shower, and the white walls and accents balance the blue beautifully.

Large bathroom featuring hexagon tiles across floor and wall behind white soaking tub.

Tile Shown: 6” Hexagon in Adriatic Sea // Design: Wellrooted LLC // Image: Mallory Shelton

On the flip side, pairing a white tile or brick with blue cabinetry is the perfect duo in either a kitchen or bath. We love the rustic element our Glazed Thin Brick adds to this bright kitchen.

Rustic farmhouse kitchen with open shelving, white brick backsplash, and blue cabinets.

Brick shown: Olympic // Design: Heidi LaChapelle Interiors // Image: Erin Little

Blue tile and white grout does it again in this petite powder room. Scalloped tile submerges the space along the floor and wainscoting, offering seaside vibes with a splash of glam.

Power room with white walls, floating white vanity, and scalloped tile across the floor and wainscoting.

Tile Shown: Ogee Drop in Aegean Sea // Design: Jennifer Hallock Designs // Image: D Wang Photo

Historically blue and white tile has frequently been used outdoors, and this serene outdoor oasis shows why the classic color combination has endured on exteriors through the ages. Interlocking blue tile with white grout adds graphic impact and a sophisticated waterfall effect that invites you to sit down and soak it all in.

Patio with outdoor furniture, fire pit, and privacy wall featuring an accent of interlocking tile surrounding a wall fountain.

Tile Shown: Chaine Homme in Adriatic Sea and 2x4 Mosaic Tile in Azul // Design: Wes Architecture // Image: Sen Creative

If a blue and white color combination brings to mind Greek islands, you’ll love this bathroom. Inspired by Greece’s brilliant blues, the Santorini-style oasis features patterned bathroom floor tiles in a gorgeously varied blue glaze paired with white subway tiles throughout the shower. Opa!

This Greek-inspired bathroom features a walk-in tiled shower with glass door, a soaking tub under a blue-framed window, and diamond-shaped tile bathroom floor.

Tile Shown: Small Diamond Sheeted in Aegean Sea // Design: Rachel Winston Design // Image: Zulu Whiskey Productions // Installer: Josh Miller

We’ve shown you several examples of blue tile with white grout, so how about white tile with blue grout? This geometric kitchen backsplash is done bright with cheerful blue grout that playfully defines the interlocking white shapes.

Detail shot of kitchen counter filled with colorful glasses and trinkets, featuring a backsplash of geometric tile with blue grout.

Tile Shown: Chaine Homme in White Wash // Design: Mandy Riggar Interiors // Image: Christopher Dibble

Upgrade a standard white bathtub with deep blue tile reminiscent of ocean waves. This specialty-shaped ceramic tile gives a bold pop of color to the shower walls of this otherwise neutral bathroom.

Tiled tub surround featuring wave-shaped cerulean tile.

Tile Shown: Wave in Lake Tahoe // Design: Elemental Green // Image: Jill Tiongco Photography

Even one small section of blue tile can make a big statement. This kitchen backsplash uses specialty star and cross shapes in a glossy blue glaze with noticeable color variation for high impact. Flanked by standard white subway tile, the blue accent is the star of the show.

Kitchen with white upper cabinets and blue lower cabinets, featuring a slate colored tile accent behind the stove flanked by subway tile.

Tile Shown: Mini Star & Cross in Slate Blue and 3x6 in White Wash // Design: Sabrina Alfin Interiors, Darcy Tsung // Image: Dean Biriyini

Blue and white tile has traditionally been used for porcelain floors and ceramic floors, and at Fireclay we obviously prefer ceramic for its versatility, sustainability, ease of installation, beauty, and more. This navy and white ceramic floor is a simple yet unexpected way to add a graphic punch to any space with its bigger and bolder take on a classic checkerboard pattern.

Laundry room with checkerboard tile floor, graphic wallpaper, and stacked washer and dryer.

Tile Shown: 8x8 in Daisy and Blue Velvet // Design: Victoria Ford // Image: Marcus Ford

If you’re looking for a softer blue and white palette, this breezy coastal kitchen should do the trick. The backsplash of triangle tile with a cool light blue glaze is softened even more thanks to white grout, which converges in perfect points in this inviting Hawaiian home.

White kitchen cabinets with a backsplash of light blue triangle tiles.

Tile Shown: 6” Triangle in Crater Lake // Design: Chris Cassidy // Image: Amanda Cassidy

Slate blue and white will give any space staying power. This slate blue hexagon tile floor steals the spotlight in this primary bathroom, but it couldn't do it without a white tile wainscotting to anchor the space.

Soaking tub on a hexagon tile floor surrounded by white tile wainscoting.

Tile Shown: 8” Hexagon Tile in Slate Blue // Design: Jen Pinkston // Image: Stephanie Godfrey

Putting a fresh spin on the classic blue-and-white color combination, this modern traditional kitchen uses a lattice-like backsplash of ceramic tile in a cool blue glaze with noticeable variation. The specialty shape adds eye-catching visual interest while also drawing the eye upward to make the space appear taller.

An all white kitchen gets a splash of blue from the picket-shaped tile backsplash.

Tile Shown: Picket in Caribbean // Design: Pheasant Lane Designs // Image: Linda Pordon Photography

Ready to bring blue and white tile home, but need some help with how to make it look perfect? Our Design Consultants can bring your vision to life (or help you find your vision!) with our free design services. Reach out for free one-on-one design assistance, including rendering, sample selection, and ordering.

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