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Blue and White Tile Always Get It Right

By Pearl

Blue and White Tile Always Get It Right

From Europe to Asia to the Americas, blue and white has been a part of ceramic traditions around the world. This classic color combo isn’t any less alluring today. Whether it’s decor, textiles, or tiles, you really can’t go wrong with blue and white. Today, we’ll show you all the ways blue and white tile gets it right.

Blue and White by Hand
Living rooms, bathrooms, and even stairs get a step up with handpainted blue and white tile.

Malta in cool motif.

Malta in Cool Motif.

Tile Shown: Malta in Cool Motif // Design: Diane Gordon Design // Images: Elisabeth Gordon

Handpainted blue and white tiles don’t have to be elaborate. Today’s tiles feature bold graphic patterns that look especially good as floor tile.

Our handpainted Starburst in Peacock with a white dryline. Customize your own tiles with our Color-It Tool!

Tile Shown: Starburst in Peacock // Image + Design: In Honor of Design

Step up your stairs with handpainted tile risers in a few of your favorite hues: 

Custom handpainted stair risers created using our Color-It Tool.

Tile Shown: Custom San Sebastian, Lugo and Cordoba // Design: Pack Design Group

Alternating Currents
Much like blue and white, stripes will never go out of style. Combine two shades of your favorite blues and pair with white finishes for a clean, coastal look. 

Taking cues from the luxe pool outside, the Coastal Living 2016 Showhouse's cabana kitchen features a two-toned blue tile backsplash and Hexagon floor tiles that are perfect for taking on pool traffic after a soak.

Tile Shown: 2x6 tiles in Caribbean + Crater Lake with 6" Hexagons in Crater Lake // Design:Meg Braff Designs // Image: David Land, Courtesy of Coastal Living

Much like blue and white, stripes will never go out of style and it just takes two different colors to make a stripe--as shown in the cafe below! Our glazed thin Brick's rustic surface texture can also add a vintage-inspired element.

Thoughtfully layered textures like light wood finishes and rustic glazed thin Brick lend this Palo Alto coffee shop an earthy yet ever-so-airy atmosphere.

Brick Shown: Allegheny, Lewis Range and Olympic // Design: Young America Creative // Image: Lauren Edith Andersen // Installer: Verve Coffee Roasters

Graphic Impact
What's blue, white, and eye-catching all over? This triangle tile mosaic, for one. Adding a tame neutral like gray can help to subdue the boldness of a mosaic. Even the most contemporary patterns feel subtly classic with a blue and white palette.


Tiles Shown: 4" Triangles in Navy Blue and Frost

Jen Pinkston's slate blue hexagon tile floor steals the spotlight, but it couldn't do it without a white tile wainscotting to anchor the space.

Fireclay Tile Inspiration Gallery: Jen Pinkston's Must-Have Master Bath Remodel 

Tile Shown: 6" Hexagon in Slate Blue

On the flip side, pairing a white tile or brick with blue cabinetry is the perfect duo in either a kitchen or bath. 

This cool Maine kitchen's bright blue cabinetry may be the main attraction, but our glazed thin Brick in Olympic makes for a versatile backdrop that's made to last.

Brick shown: Olympic // Design: Heidi LaChapelle Interiors // Image: Erin Little

Love blue and white? Order color samples online now. Need some help? Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.