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Black is Back
Black Gloss Tile

In the world of design, black rules. Offering sophistication, definition, drama and just the right amount of mystery, black is often the key ingredient to an unforgettable space. While we all love a little black here and there, We're ramping up the drama this Halloween by celebrating our favorite black on black color palettes. Black is back!


Tile colors shown: Raven, Carbon, and Wrought Iron

A black on black interior is the perfect backdrop for energetic pops of color. For a hint of glamour try adding brass accents to your design–We love how School House Electric's brass hardware looks against our black tile. If you're feeling playful scatter pops of a single hue against your black on black design. We think fiery reds, mustard yellows and oh so cool blues, make a pretty great statements.

When choosing black tile colors to mix together, be mindful of shade and texture. Choose a matte black to play against a deep grey, glossy tone.


Tile colors shown: Akoya

As always, a great source of natural light is key to a succesful black on black design. If your space encompassed by large windows the constant flow of natural light filling the space will make your sophisticated black hues look even better. Natural light will highlight the varying rich textures of your black finishes, and will reflect light making your dark color scheme feel light and open.

Our white clay body hue, Pitch Black feature satin and gloss finishes, both perfect for reflecting light in an open space.


Tile color shown: Pitch Black

If drama is your thing, take a black on black tile color scheme to the next level by incorporating other black surfaces and materials. The bathroom below celebrates the dramatic hue by pairing a clean straight set layout of 2x2 black tiles with a matte black tub. The simplicity of the monochromatic design gives the space a sense of ease while making a pretty bold statement.


Glass colors shown: Ash and Ash Matte

The key to a great black on black color palette is texture. Just like white, there are so many different shades of black available that it is nearly impossible for your black on black design to fall flat. Experiment with mixing our matte and gloss Glass hues with ceramic Tile or Brick. As the bedroom below suggests, black is about layering, so have a little fun–You can't go wrong when everything is the same color!


Glass Colors shown: Licorice and Licorice Matte

For a clean, minimalist look, try an all black color scheme with a larger tile size. Choose our Thin Glazed Brick for your walls in Inkwell, paired with matte black walls and floors. The use of white fixtures will keep the space from feeling too dark.


Brick shown: Inkwell

Don't forget about Handpainted tile! We offer two Moroccan designs in this dramatic color scheme, Sintra and Isfahan. These two designs would create major drama on the floor paired with crisp black subway tile on the wall.


Handpainted patterns shown: Sintra and Isfahan

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