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Color Spotlight: Let's Talk Turquoise

Summer is here! Who doesn't love it and live for those sparkling moments by the sea. Short of spending all my days floating in the Caribbean I find it is essential to have this rippling turquoise hue somewhere close by. They say that two-thirds of the Earth's surface is covered in ocean, but not all ocean color is created equal, Azurine has to be the clear winner of the most stunning, exuberant, and desirable watery tone.

It doesn't hurt that this glorious color features heavy color variation and a high crackle finish that creates a tranquil shimmer under the light.

Tile color shown: Azurine

We can all thank the Turkish glaze makers of centuries past for coming up with this extraordinarily sublime shade. Imagine living in cobalt covered Europe and seeing turquoise for the first time, it must have been life altering. Longevity? This vibrant color has brightened spaces since the 1500's!

Just like the ocean or the precious stone, Azurine is at its best when shade variation livens it up and displays it's depth and range. Get this look with our shape, Ogee Drop.

Azurine lends itself to modern, contemporary, and traditional kitchens. The color pairs well with black, white, warm woods, cool woods, concrete. Add a little modern touch to a classic kitchen by choosing 4x8 or 6x12 subway tiles instead of the traditional 3x6.

But we love a good 3x6 backsplash too!

Customer kitchen backsplash installation featuring our 3x6 Tile in Azurine

Spectacular Azurine is a classic for your outside installations, try a blend for the pool to add dimension and character.

Image: Luxe source; Tile colors shown: Cerulean, Hawaiian Blue, Azurine, Caribbean, and Lagoon

Below the cool feeling of the pool is extended onto the patio for an ambience of endless summer. Choose a fun pattern like the Herringbone for added texture.

Looking for Glass Tile in this rich, turquoise color? Island Flower fits the bill with its super saturated exotic hue.

Glass color shown: Island Flower

Ready to add some exotic flare with Turquoise? Shop Azurine and Island Flower now. Need some help? Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.