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A Look Back at 2022 with Our CEO, Eric Edelson

By Eric Edelson

A Look Back at 2022 with Our CEO, Eric Edelson

Happy 2023! This past year was incredible. We worked harder and smarter than ever, and the results speak volumes about our team’s dedication, our community, and the brand we’re all building–together.

If you know me, you know I love numbers. Here are some fun ones comparing 2022 to 2021:

  • 347 Teammates vs 212

  • 5 Roller Hearth Kilns vs 1

  • 202,000 SqFt of Manufacturing & Warehousing space vs 50,000

  • 412 Custom Requests fulfilled vs 312

And while numbers matter, transparency is critical to us so I want to highlight the work we did last year to make us better and also give you an idea of what’s ahead in 2023:

For Our Clients, We:

  • Expanded our product offering with our popular $10/SqFt Essentials Collection, improved our service levels, and diversified our price point, customization, and volume abilities.

  • Purchased Quarry Tile, a 122,000 Square Foot, 60-year-old tile factory in Spokane Washington, adding 80 new Makers to the Fireclay Tile Team.

  • Completed a 42,000 Square Foot expansion to our Aromas, CA Factory and HQ, installing a second kiln and adding needed warehouse space.

  • Decreased our Glazed Brick pricing to $14/SqFt, while still donating 1% of sales to the preservation of our National Parks via the NPCA (which has cumulatively raised over $100,000).

  • Made Factory Seconds available on our website for easy purchase and shipping

  • Completed 10,647 unique orders (that’s 887 per month!) averaging more than 150 Square Feet each while living up to our Makers Guarantee commitment.

  • Shipped over 52,000 sample orders via our in-house Sample Team and Material Bank.

  • Made thousands of updates to our website and technology systems to ensure best-in-class digital experience and operational excellence.

  • Introduced a Premium and Concierge Design Rendering program which has already helped hundreds of clients create 3D photorealistic images of their projects.

  • Continued to bring joy on Fridays with our Fireclay Factory Friday Instagram Stories.

For Our Environment, We:

  • Continued to be the only known tile company producing 100% Carbon Free Tile, validated via an independent 3rd party Climate Neutral Certification.

  • Ensured our waste diversion remains over 90% to recycling initiatives.

  • Reduced impact of our raw materials by sourcing our most widely used material closer to our facility, and transitioned transport methods from truck to rail.

  • Earned the San Benito County Green Business of the Year Award for 2022.

  • Published our second comprehensive Impact Report.

For Our People, We:

  • Increased our headcount by 64% to finish the year 347 Teammates strong!

  • Increased our Starting Wage to $17/hr while increasing our average base wage to over $19.51/hour plus overtime and bonus.

  • Helped employees invest almost $1M into their 401Ks, including $315,000 provided via our 4% Match 401K match.

  • Provided more than $33,000 in new No Interest Loans to our team members, saving our employees tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments.

  • Diverted over $150,000 from merchant fees via Give, You Get and provided over $60,000 through our Khai Lam Fireclay Tile Family Funds to Teammates and their families.

  • Passed $0 in cost increases to our Team despite receiving a 17% increase for Healthcare, Dental, and Vision insurance (see all of our benefits at fireclaybenefits.com).

For Our Community, We:

  • Helped raise more than $69,000 to support Black women pursuing architecture via the Architects Foundation.

  • Provided over $75,000 in cash donations to our partners, including the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) and Allies in Arts.

  • Maintained our Pledge1% commitment and provided over 15,000 SqFt to projects in need including Detroit Achievement Academy, Aromas Park, and Vidiots.

  • Continued our charitable employee match, providing up to $250 in annual charity matches to each teammate, as well as an annual Paid Volunteer Day.

  • Maintained our commitment as a B Corp with the aspiration to be in the top 10% globally at our next recertification.

Looking Ahead

In my 14 years leading Fireclay, I have never been more excited for what’s ahead. By investing significantly in our manufacturing operation and our teammates, we are better prepared than ever to meet the growing demand for our offering.

Did you know that only 28% of the 3 billion SqFt of Tile consumed each year in the US is produced domestically? With that knowledge, our decision to acquire Quarry Tile was simple. We’re looking forward to becoming an even more significant partner with our clients in both Residential and Commercial projects as the only tile maker who is a B Corp, Climate Neutral Certified, 30% Employee Owned, and produces all of our offerings in the USA.

With the right team, technology, and systems, we are better set up than ever to have an impact and challenge our entire industry to improve. We’re far from perfect, but I can promise you that every Fireclay Teammate is committed to our Makers Guarantee and our GANAS culture to improve daily.

So, no matter how unpredictable 2023 is, know that our team is ready and excited to make the world’s most beautiful tile and provide the very best service you’ve come to expect from Fireclay. We are so appreciative of your support—thank you!

With gratitude on behalf of our 347 Teammates,

Eric Edelson, CEO

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