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A Day in the Fireclay Tile Factory

A Day in the Fireclay Tile Factory

How I learned to make ceramic tile

By Kate Fox, Fireclay Ceramicist

Kate Fox, Fireclay Tile Ceramicist, Making TIle!

Here at Fireclay Tile, every new employee gets the opportunity to visit the Fireclay factory and see just how our tiles are made. Since I'm new to Fireclay's team, I got to experience this opportunity- and let me tell you, it's quite a production. From raw clay to a beautifully crafted Fireclay tile- there are a lot of steps involved! When I first arrived at the factory, our production office manager, Mayra, showed me around and introduced me to the team. I was shown everything, from the extruding machines, to the glazing stations, to the packaging station, to even the kilns which fire the tile using natural gas. I was able to do deco pressing, help unload the kiln, and even paint my own tile- note, don't drink coffee before this one- you need a really steady hand! I even met the "Glaze Master," Mushtaque, who truly is a glaze master once you witness what he does; it's truly magic. To me, it seemed as if he just mixed all these different bins of dust together and poof! There's your glaze color. I was also introduced to the Ramiros. Ramiro P. is the production manager at the factory, and Ramiro L. is the glaze department manager who oversees well, all that has to do with glazing. I met many more very talented people and saw firsthand that every member of the factory team is important to the production process. It was a really great experience.

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I walked in as the new kid on the block and felt right at home. Not only are the factory members hardworking, but they're also some of the nicest people I've every met (who know how to have a good time too, go soccer break!) I was able to see all the hard work that goes into making our beautiful tile and meet the members of our team that make it all happen. To all the team members of the Fireclay factory, great job!

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