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At The Factory: Making Glass Tile

Posted by: Kali • Aug 3

At The Factory: Making Glass Tile

Glass colors shown: Morning Glory Matte, Forget Me Not Matte, Icicle Matte, Wallflower Matte, Lamb's Ear Matte, Blueberry Matte

Glass is gorgeous. It's reflective qualities, transparency, and glamour have captivated us for centuries. Actually it has been traced all the way back to 3500 BCE in Mesopotamia. The first glassmaking "manual" dates back to ca. 650 BCE. That's a long time to be infatuated with a substance. But with our penchant for glossy, sparkly items, it is no wonder glass is still a mainstay in our lives. Everywhere we look we see glass. But how is it actually made?

Instructions on how to make glass are contained in tablets discovered in the Library of the Assyrian King Ashurbanipal.  But here in Aromas, our instructions are in plain English. 

Glass color shown: Acai Matte

Our Recycled Glass is gorgeous, but it doesnt start out that way.  Our glass line is composed of 100% recycled glass from local window and solar panel production industries. The on-going mission to divert waste from landfills lead us to find a use for CRT or Cathode Ray Tube glass as well (think your old TV or computer monitor).

Our Glass manufacturing process starts out like this, glass destined for landfills gets a reprieve at Fireclay Tile.

The above tubes waiting for the crusher are from Solyndra, a piece of their solar photovoltaic systems being reused and repurposed by Fireclay Tile.

From mid-sized glass chunks we keep making it smaller and smaller, filtering out all but pure, fine silica.

If color is what we are looking for, now is the time to add the magic.

Glass colors shown clockwise: Poppy GlossIsland FlowerTomatilloPlankton

We know you love color as much as we do, so we offer our glass tile in 40 rich colors available in both gloss and matte finishes. The pigmenting process allows for bold, deeply saturated hues ranging from earthy neutrals to vibrant jewel tones.

Then it's time to fill each individual mold by hand, just the right amount.

Our glass kiln is always going, slow and sure, the molds are added to the que and into the fire they roll.  It takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes to make the trip from one end to the other.

Cooling is key, not too fast–about 30 minutes on the cooling rack and the little jewels are ready to break free of their molds.

Each glass piece requires a little clean up and some TLC once they are removed from the molds.

Washed and spotless, our glass is packaged with extraordinary care, and travels to your doorstep or construction site well protected.

Fireclay glass comes not only in an amazing range of colors, but sizes and patterns as well.  Let your creative side take over with 17 different sizes and shapes to choose from, including a wide range of mosaic patterns.

Glass colors shown: Icicle, Lamb’s Ear, Dusty Olive, Truffle, Elm, and Yarrow

When it comes to glass you can go all out, or just insert a little to add some subtle shimmer to your space.

Glass color shown: Prickly Pear

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