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5 Ideas to Borrow From This Dapper Hexagon Backsplash

By Ted Ryan

5 Ideas to Borrow From This Dapper Hexagon Backsplash

You don’t have to be an interior designer to create a kitchen backsplash like the pros. The right inspiration offers secrets to great design as long as you know what to look for.

If you’re considering a hexagon backsplash in your kitchen or just wondering where to begin designing a tile backsplash, these 5 ideas drawn from this dapper navy blue backsplash are sure to get you started.

1. Lead with Color

    A backsplash is an aesthetic statement as much as it’s a protective surface, so have fun with it and choose a color that puts a focus on this focal point. This Navy Blue is both bold and refined, adding saturated color to the kitchen design without coming across as loud.

    Tile Shown: Navy Blue 6" Hexagon // Design: John Gioffre // Images: Leonid Furmansky

    Maybe blue isn’t for you but dark green, mustard seed yellow, or more adventurous aquas or pinks will achieve the same effect and infuse your kitchen with a little bit of your own personality.

    Even if white is what speaks to you, make sure your color choice leads the design and comes from a place of personal preference.

    Head here for more blue kitchen backsplash inspiration.

    2. Amplify the Pattern With Contrasting Grout

      If color is a prime priority for your design, shape and pattern aren’t far behind. You may wish to play up the pattern of the backsplash if you've chosen a field tile, and if you’ve selected a specialty shape, specifying a contrasting grout will bring more attention to the shape and pattern you’ve designed.

      This backsplash uses a crisp white grout to clearly define the honeycomb pattern of the hexagon tiles.

      Learn more about choosing the right grout color.

      3. Coordinate With the Cabinets and Counters

        A backsplash might be the focal point of the kitchen but it doesn’t exist in isolation. Make sure your backsplash is coordinated with the overall design of your kitchen, notably your cabinets and countertops.

        Here the rich navy plays perfectly with the bright whites making for a classic combination. The blue from the backsplash is also carried over to the kitchen island to increase the prominence of the kitchen’s accent color.

        4. Tile the Window Casing

          Don’t be afraid to get three-dimensional with your backsplash if the opportunity presents itself. We love the way the tile turns into the casing of the window above the sink. Glazed flat liner trim helps navigate the corners for a clean transition to an elegant design detail.

          5. Plan the Cuts

            Edge pieces will require cuts. As always, we recommend hiring a professional installer with experience working with handmade tile, but be intentional about the layout of your backsplash and think about how you want your cuts to look ahead of time.

            In this backsplash, you’ll notice thoughtfully designed cuts along the counters, ceiling, cabinets, shelves and window casing. These didn’t happen accidentally. Try to plan every detail of your backsplash from the outset and always do a dry lay before your installation begins.

            You'll also want to plan on purchasing overage, usually 20-30% of the square feet of tile your project calls for, especially if difficult cuts are required.

            Need more tips for your new backsplash? We're here to help with Free Design Assistance. Tell us a little about your project on our quick and easy Design Assistance form to get connected with a Design Consultant who will walk you through every step until installation.

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