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2019 Tile Trends

By Kali

2019 Tile Trends

This year, expect immersive palettes, artisanal textures, and classic comebacks to take over 2019's top tile trends. Our creative director, Jamie Chappell, is sharing her top five tile trends on the blog today, but if you want even more tile inspiration for the new year, check out our Pinterest Board.

1. Monochromatic Palettes
We’re noticing a shift back towards more neutral palettes in 2019 but when people do invest in color they’re investing big. We’re finding statement colors that go all the way. You might see a wall color show up on a cabinet or vanity and then carry over to the tile or moldings in the room. Materials on their own are asked to play a back seat to an emotion that the design evokes.

6x6 square tiles in Adriatic Sea

Tile Shown: 6x6 tiles in Adriatic Sea// Design: Yumi Interiors // Image: Michele Lee Willson

2. Dark Greens & Deep Mustards
Green tile trends have been on the rise for the last couple of years and 2019 doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Ranging from more sage-y grey greens to deep forest greens our clients have been head over heels for greens like Venetian and Hunter.

2x8 tiles in Hunter Green in a vertical straight set pattern

Tile Shown: 2x8 tiles in Hunter Green // Design: Adele Lapointe // Image: Mitch Shenker Studio

3x9 Tiles in Venetian Green

Tile Shown: 3x9 tiles in Venetian Green

Adding to the love of greens this year are mustardy warm yellows like Falcon which will warm up and add unexpected interest to any space.


Tile Shown: 2x12 tiles in Falcon Gloss + Matte

3. Textural Neutrals & Natural Variation
There’s a big move towards natural stones and finishes such as terrazzo, that really celebrate texture and variation. We’re noticing simple installations that feature glazes with higher variations. Blue Spruce and Salton Sea have always been crowd pleasers that are sure to stand the test of time and of trend.

3x9 tiles in Salton Sea

Here's a closer look at Salton Sea:

3x9 Tiles in Salton Sea

Tile Shown: 3x9 Tiles in Salton Sea // Design + Images: Megan Gilger


Tile Shown: Hexite in Blue Spruce

Mandy Moore's bathroom features incredible terrazzo floors alongside another textured glaze: Rosemary.

3x6 Tiles in Rosemary in Mandy Moore's bathroom.

Tile Shown: 3x6 tiles in Rosemary // Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel + Emily Farnham Architecture // Image: Tessa Neustadt

4. High Impact Tile
One of the trends that we’ve been enjoying as tile makers is the trend of MORE TILE. Tile is being used as a design element more so than just a functional treatment, and designers are really putting their signature on spaces using tile.

Mid-century fireplace surround in our glazed thin brick in Aleutian

Brick Shown: Aleutian // Design: Destination Eichler // Image: Christopher Dibble


Tile Shown: Mini Star and Cross in Calcite, Feldspar, Ivory, Milky Way and White Wash // Design: Measured Architecture // Image: Ema Peter


Picket tiles in Celadon

Tile Shown: Pickets in Celadon // Design: Arcsine // Images: Paul Dyer

As bathroom design shifts to be more impactful and the five piece bath more common, we’re seeing really beautiful applications of tile that sometimes even wrap ceilings.

3x6 Subway Tiles in Mayan Blue

Tile Shown: 3x6 Tiles in Mayan Blue // Design: Kapan Shipman // Image: Dustin Bailey

5. Glass is making a comeback
We know, we know, we know - eh - glass right? But we’re putting our stake in the ground that glass is making a comeback for several reasons. Partially because it can take more without showing its age (steam showers, pools, exteriors) and a lot because it renders color oh-so beautifully.


Tile Shown: 4x12 Glass Tiles in Roadrunner Matte

Out are the old mesh mounted glass mosaics, in are combos of gloss and matte field sizes that create a beautiful texture when paired together (added bonus - one color, two finishes). The sheen contrast allows for more subtle design elements that lend to that natural variation trend.


Tile Shown: 4x4 Glass Tiles in Rosy Finch Gloss + Matte

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