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10 Tiled Fountains We're Falling For

By Pearl

10 Tiled Fountains We're Falling For

1. United States Botanic Garden

Image: Trip Advisor

Historically a place to hold precious water in ancient cities like Greece and Rome, fountains have evolved from a source of hydration to a place inspiration. Reminding us of hidden oases that capture our imagination, they incite within us a sense of wonder and draw us in (plus, tossing in a penny to make a wish never gets old).

Tile and fountains are a natural combination that has been around for centuries--however, their intricate designs still leave us in awe today. We've collected ten of our favorite tiled fountains in honor of this ancient duo (and provide you with some design inspiration along the way). 

Above is our first pick. This beautiful pool and fountain from the United States Botanic Garden features a floor of blue square tiles.

2. Fractured Reflections


Image: Pewabic

A beautiful blend of shapes in a glossy blue and green color scheme makes this fountain a cool and mesmerizing respite for the parched wanderer.

3. Moroccan Magnificence


Image: Zellij Gallery


Handpainted Tile Shown: Persian Star in Cool Motif

Featuring intricate tilework that has its origins on an ancient Moroccan tradition, this gold-spouted fountain features geomtric motifs that have inspired our Handpainted Moroccan Collection.

4. A Pop of Color


Image: Garden Drum

A basin filled with flower petals against a backdrop of turquoise tile offers a striking and alluring focal point amdist an earthy brick-laid floor.

5. Classic with a California Twist 


Image: Better Homes & Gardens


Handpainted Tile Shown: Old California in Cool Motif

This colonial-style home is given a splash of West Coast flair with a lush wall fountain featuring blue and yellow tile.

6. Desert Oasis


Image: Santa Barbara Seasons

Bordered with a Mediterranean blue tile, intricate moldings, and beautiful floral designs, this alluring watering hole stands out against this Spanish Colonial's signatured white plastered walls.

7. A Tropical Retreat


Image: Palihouse Santa Monica


Tile Shown: 4" Squares in Azurine


Handpainted Tile Shown: Ensenito in Warm Motif

Full of California charm, this fountain in Santa Monica has us wanting to sit and stay awhile. Love the look? Our Handpainted Ensenito design bordered with Azurine tile offers a winning design combo.

8. A Private Paradise


Image: Patio Productions

This tiled wall acts as both a fountain and an outdoor divider, giving the patio an feeling of intimacy and other-worldliness.

9. Om Appeal 


Image: Destination Luxury

You can't go wrong with chevron, as ancient Moroccan designs can attest. This green and white cheveron tile passageway shows us just that, leading visitors to a beautiful and tranquil oasis.

10. Marquis Dubai


Image: Yahoo! Finance


Handpainted Tile Shown: Persian Star in Neutral Motif

Last but certainly not least, this beutiful fountain found in the world's tallest hotel is adorned with handpainted tile and a shimmering metallic chandelier for the ultimate in understated luxury.

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