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10 Super Hexy Floor Patterns

By Pearl

1. Fade to Black

Hexagon floor tile is nothing new, but nowadays we’re seeing it taking a whole new shape. From dramatic ombres (see above) to oversized fields of color, hexagon tiles are looking hexier than ever. Looking to spice up your design inspiration? Read on to see what we mean.

2. Modern Prep

This London hotel’s large lattice floor pattern is linked together with large black, white, and slate blue hexagon tiles, giving this traditionally nautical design a fresh modern edge.

3. Flower Power

Hexagons have long been used to make floral patterns. By using a larger hexagon tile and muted neutral hues, you can achieve a soft contemporary look.

4. Stairway to Heaven

What makes this hexagon floor tile fresh isn’t necessarily the shape, but the soft mix of subdued warm and cool hues.

5. Hex-Tiles

Small hexagon mosaic tile is used to create charming vintage-inspired floral patterns, reminding us of a cozy fall sweater.

6. Ogee On Point

The beauty of hexagon mosaic tile is that the design possibilities are virtually endless. This intricate ogee pattern immediately caught our eye, woven together to create a tapestry of color.

7. Understated Elegance

Maybe it's the dramatic ceilings, dark black cabinetry, or the hexagon tile floor--maybe it's all three--but something about this kitchen has an element of je ne sais quoi that leaves us saying "Oh la laaaaa...".

8. Southwestern Simplicity

The minimialist decor gives this red, white, and blue hexagon floor tile just enough room to showcase its design..

9. Optical Illusions

This Escher-inspired floor pattern takes on a larger scale (and chic foot traffic) in this dark and sophisticated restaurant and bar.

10. I have this thing with floors...

Good design is strongly represented here, not only in this mesmerizing diamondwork hexagon floor tile but in a super chic shoe that fits right in.

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