This Tile Used to be Your TV




Made from 100% Recycled e-Waste

CRT no Longer in Demand

CRT was first introduced in 1907 as a way to transmit images. After the introduction of LCD displays demand for CRT has been rapidly declining.

Recyclers Have Stockpiles

Because there is no good way to recycle CRT, there are over 860 million pounds of CRT glass in the US alone.

The Problem

CRT Exported to Landfills

The problem of CRT hasn’t gone away. Rather than find a way to recycle the material CRT is typically shipped overseas where it is simply landfilled.

The Problem is Getting Bigger

The issue of CRT glass disposal is becoming more of an issue everyday. Today CRTs comprise 60% of all e-waste in the US. That number is rapidly increasing.

The Solution

  • ECS Refining

    This local Bay Area recycler has perfected a way of separating CRT so that the glass panels may be recycled.

  • Paul's Idea

    A scavenger at heart, Paul Burns began developing a technique to melt the waste glass and turn it into tile.

  • Enter Kickstarter

    With a need to raise money for production molds the Fireclay Tile team turned to Kickstarter in the fall of 2013.

  • 160% of Goal

    Huge response from the Kickstarter community allowed Fireclay to raise over $16,000 to bring CRT Tile to market.

The Final Product

CRT Glass tile is available in both gloss and matte finishes.

This unique product can see quite a bit of variation due to different batches of recycled material.

Product variation is rated from
V1 - minimal variation to V4 - high variation.

CRT is rated V4 and is ready to ship in 2-3 weeks





$34/sq ft

$40/sq ft


$32/sq ft

$38/sq ft


$56/sq ft

$64/sq ft

Making a Difference