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Fireclay + Zazzle: Introducing Our New Handpainted Coasters

Our Evening Star and Sphere One Designs in Lemon Cream, Black Gloss, Turquoise, Rainy Day and Keystone

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new partnership with Zazzle!  Through Zazzle we will be offering 4x4 sets of handpainted tile coasters sold in sets of two.  Our coasters are all handmade in California and are fully customizable in 15 designs and up to 33 color options.  You design it, we make it!  It's as easy as 1–2–3!

Coaster orders will be shipped in about 2 weeks.

Our Geo Hex design in Indigo and White Gloss, and our Flying Geese design in Indigo and Limon

Our Duomo, Persian Single, Simple Moroccan, and Flying Geese Designs


All designs shown in an Indigo and Evergreen colorway

All designs shown in a Tomato Red and Chartreuse colorway

All designs shown in a Turquoise and Huckleberry colorway

Hand crafted and timeless inspiration from Fireclay Tile.

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