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Fireclay TIle Manufacturing Video

We take great pride in not only the materials we use but the sustainable, local manufacturing that happens each and every day in our Aromas, CA factory. WIth the help of James from James Green TV, this video highlights each and every step we go through in making each and every tile order.
As you will see, we make each order for you, and love every minute of it! Enjoy!
Here are the steps we take to make each and every piece of tile we ship:
1) We receive and review your ordert
2) Order entered into proprietary database and sent to manufacturing facility
3) Order received by production and enters electronic queue
4) Gather raw materials
5) Materials mixed together in closed-loop manufacturing process
6) Tile extruded into appropriate shapes and sizes
7) If decorative pieces have been added, we hand press (relief) or machine press (raised) those decoratives
8) Pieces are air dried
9) Tiles enter dryer and are dried
10) Bisque firing
11) Glazes required for order are identified and mixed
12) Bisque unloaded from kiln
13) Tiles goes to glazing department for glazing
14) Glazed pieces loaded back into kiln
15) Kiln fired
16) Tiles unloaded from kiln
17) Quality control
18) Order is packed in recycled bozxes and sawdust
19) Order is shipped and shipping notification sent
It's truly a wonderful process, and one we are constantly striving to make better for both our customers and our environment.
We hope this gives you a better understanding of the care and attention we put into each and every order we make at Fireclay TIle.

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