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Visit from Green Cadre - The Future of Green Jobs in San Jose

San Jose Is Making It A Mission To Educate and Train Young Adults for "Green Jobs"

City of San Jose     Work2Future

On Monday, June 14, we had visitors from San Jose’s Work2Future’s Green Cadre. These are young adults (18-24) who are being trained for “Green Jobs” and are a direct beneficiary of stimulus funds to help get individuals prepared to be part of the “Green economy”. Gary Wolf, the group’s instructor, had done some research on San Jose Green Companies and Fireclay Tile had been at the top of the list.

The Green Cadre’s mission is to “Develop a cadre of low-income young adult leaders, 18-24 years old, who will receive leadership and civic engagement training that allows them to become environmental stewards and ambassadors for the City of San Jose’s Clean and Green Vision and allied efforts.”

Monday’s guests at Fireclay got a tour of the San Jose Factory Tile Showroom from Eric, our business guy, heard Paul, our founder and Chief Ceramicist, discuss his background and commitment to sourcing recycled materials to incorporate into our ceramic tiles, and each guest was treated to a make-your-own free Cuerda Seca decorative tile to be used as a hot pad or trivet. The goal was to educate them about green businesses, what it means to be green, and how important their involvement in this program is to setting a future course for more sustainable businesses in the United States.

Green Cadre Visits Fireclay Tile - 1Green Cadre Visit Fireclay Tile 2Green Cadre Visit Fireclay Tile 3

A big thank you to all the people like Gary associated with Work2Future and the Green Cadre program – we were thrilled to share our story with you.

For more information be sure to visit the Work2Future website or email work2futureyouthprogram@gmail.com

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