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Toilet’s Anyone?

Fireclay Tile's Toilet Recycling Inspires Other Manufacturers

Last October we announced a new post-consumer porcelain recycling effort in collaboration with the Zanker Road Landfill and Recology of San Francisco. It was covered by NPR's Morning Edition, and for awhile it was the talk of the town.

Earlier this month as we were scanning through the latest edition of Architectural Products and caught a glimpse of our new Crush Recycled Glass Tile, we were thrilled to see a blurb about Crossville and a new effort they have with Toto to recycle pre-consumer toilet manufacturing defects. Check it out here:

Fireclay Tile Inspires Crossville and Toto

We love this about our industry and about the role that Fireclay Tile plays. Though we are a midget next to Crossville and probably the size of an ant next to Toto, here we are, a small tile manufacturer, inspiring the largest companies to think differently about their waste stream.

We might add that a big difference is that Fireclay is using post-consumer waste vs the pre-consumer waste that Crossville is obtaining from Toto, but regardless it is a step in the right direction.

Here is a look at the toilets direct from the landfill we are using.

Fireclay Tile Porcelain Toilets Being Recycled

Recently Fireclay has started recycling other scrap materials that we were previously unable to, such as bisque fired seconds from all our ceramic lines, allowing us to replace a grog ingredient that we now never have to again purchase or ship. Another great example of how environmental initiatives not only help the planet, but also help the bottom line!

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