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SFMade - Supporting Local Manufacturing - Launch Event

SFMade is Devoted to Manufacturing Companies in Urban Environments Such as San Francisco

SFMade, a San Francisco non-profit, hosted its first fundraiser last night in San Francisco and Eric, our business guy, was on hand to check it out. As a local manufactuer ourselves, though in San Jose, we love to support other local manufacturers and think it is one of the greatest parts of small business in the United States.

SF Made Logo

Kate Sofis took over SFMade after Mark Dwight, formerly the CEO of Timbuk2 and now a founder at Rickshaw Bags, founded the organization several years ago. From the website:

"SFMade.org is a not-for-profit organization established to promote San Francisco-based companies that manufacture products within the San Francisco county limits. These companies share an increasingly uncommon trait – local manufacturing. The purpose of SFMade is to support these companies to and endorse San Francisco as a place that can, and does, foster innovative manufacturing companies. Local manufacturers understand there’s a certain “pride of place” that comes from actually making a product within a defined geographic, social and historic region. And San Francisco plays an integral part of the overall value proposition of these companies, their brand, and their products.

Picture of SFMade Event SFMade event pics

The event was hosted by Ritual Coffee and was full of local San Francisco manufacturers including some great ones like Ritual, Rickshaw Bagworks, Cordarounds, and numerous others including one of our favorites, Anchor Steam Brewing Company. I also had a chance to talk to some wonderful folks, including one budding entreprenuer looking to start a new furniture restoration business and another looking to leave high tech and get into this small, local manufacturing sector. A highlight was a great chat with Chris Sofis of Sofistry, a craft-based custom remodeling company based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We think organizations like SFMade are ESSENTIAL to helping both keep old and spur new manufacturing in the United States and in the state of California. We think other urban environments should follow the lead of SFMade and use their example as a way to further promote manufacturing small businesses in the urban environment.

For more information check out SFMade's Website.

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