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San Jose’s Most Tile Customers Ever!

San Jose Customers Come Out in Droves for Fireclay's Boneyard Sale!

By Amie Johnson - Fireclay's Design Specialist

At 10 to 10:00 I walked into the yard at work on the Saturday of our annual Boneyard Blowout which ends on September 4th. Carlos hadn't even had the door to the showroom open and there were already a few early birds in the boneyard. Within the hour there was a constant flow of 20 to 30 people. It was crazy. I've worked many Saturday's and I've never seen it like this. Our customers were so excited that some tiles were just $.13! They couldn't believe it.

Fireclay Tile San Jose Showroom Boneyard CustomersFireclay Tile San Jose Showroom Boneyard In Actions

We had one couple put designs together for a few different rooms in their house, after 3 hours, hungry bellies and only spending about $350.00 they had what they wanted! What a DEAL!!!! They couldn't believe they were getting tile normally selling for $25sqft for $2.50sqft. Others were artists looking for those perfect little pieces for a mirror or a mosaic design they were finishing. There was one lady literally there all day, she was full of conversation. She checked out a few different times and kept going back for more! She was great! One lady brought in her mother to help pick out tiles for the risers on her front porch, it was beautiful!!! She thanked her mother for her very talented eye and had a smile from ear to ear. It was a lot of fun sharing everyone's excitement.

Sunglasses on and running, Kate, Carlos and I never stopped. I think I was yelling for Carlos every 20 minutes to make, move or load up boxes for tile hungry customers! At 50% off boneyard tiles and 20% off all of our pavers, people were ecstatic. People actually came in with the Mercury News Paper and mapquest print outs. It was amusing. By 3:00 we had a line of people waiting outside to checkout. Some of the last customers just wanted to make sure they got on the emailing list. They didn't want to be the last customers next time. As I walked to my car and the gate was closed, there were still die hard customers wanting in. It was all in all a great, fun and exhausting day at the lovely Fireclay Tile.

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