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Pavers, Fireclay-Style!

Long-time Fireclay fans will often associate Fireclay pavers with Mexican Saltillo tiles, but did you know Fireclay makes their own pavers?  See below!


From top to bottom:  stair tread, stair tread corner, 12"x12" paver

These pavers are made with our Debris Series clay body and are 12”x12”.  We recommend that the tiles are sealed before installation and every year after installation.  The sealant makes it difficult for slippery moss to grow, tree droppings to stain and maintains the integrity of the tile surface.  Fireclay or your tile installer can seal them prior to installation. 


The path to the front door of the Fireclay San Jose showroom

The photo above was taken in front of our San Jose showroom.  As you can see, it has a Fireclay spin.  The 12”x12” tiles closest are Debris Series tiles with Cuerda Seca Corners.  Past the Cuerda Seca Alcazares border, you’ll see the Star & Cross Debris tile used as pavers.  The “awesome” (as Eric would say) characteristic of the Star & Cross pattern is that it is kiln-glazed so it never needs to be sealed AND it can be used indoors or outdoors.  This pattern is an excellent choice for flooring with a continuous-look and multiple requirements.  The Fireclay pavers do not age as dramatically as the Mexican Saltillo tile, so the look is more consistent from year to year.  Next time you stop by, be sure to check out our pavers!

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