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Pacific Community Ventures 2010 Annual Showcase and Luncheon

By Eric Edelson

Yesterday Fireclay Tile had the priveledge of joining ~25 other companies at the Pacific Community Ventures 2010 Showcase and Luncheon. It was a fantastic event full of great companies, amazing supporters, and a group from Pacific Community Ventures (PCV) that can't be beat.

Pacific Community Ventures

We've written about PCV before on the topic of "Creative Solutions to Help Fund Your Business", but for those who need a quick refresher PCV both a financial investor in and business advisor to sustainable, California-based businesses. Fireclay, specifically, is involved in PCV's Business Advance program, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit that consults to for-profit companies, the theory being that creating value in for-profit small business is the single best way to drive job creation and economic growth in the United States. Almost every study supports this, and PCV's mission is to encourage small businesses to grow and thrive.

One thing we loved at yesterday's event was the honoring of George Beardsley, one of PCV's most respected network of advisors. George spent time with Fireclay in 2009, and seeing him honored for his efforts was fantastic!

Also at yesterday's luncheon PCV showcased 25 companies in which it has either invested or helped advise. This 25 represents just a small fraction of the total companies that PCV has helped. 

Some of the companies that we got to hang out with and liked were:

Evergreen Lodge: Amazing retreat just outside Yosemite Valley

Rickshaw Bagworks: Started by the founder of Timbuk2. Awesome bags for every day use

Pacific Catch: Delicious seafood that is fast and affordable in the Bay Area

SFMade: Founded by Kate Sofis, a good friend of Fireclay's, this group hopes to bring more manufacturing to San Francisco. We love this!

Parties that Cook: Super fun way to do a corporate bonding event by cooking a meal together

Charles Chocolates: A San Francisco favorite.

Neococoa: Another awesome chocolate maker

Heath Ceramics: We love their pottery.

Fireclay showcased a table with a streaming video on our Debris Series Recycled Tile as well as a FREE gift for all supporters of PCV, something which the crowd seemed to like. We had a great time seeing old friends and meeting new ones. A big thank you to PCV for their efforts and for everything they've done! The event was fantastic, and to Kendra and the rest of the team who helped organize, job well done!

Fireclay Tile at PCV 2010 Showcase and Luncheon

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