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Fireclay and NRG Celebrate the Debut of New Station A Office

Our 1x4 Glass Tile in Juniper; Photo Credit: Malcom Fearon, Bliss Images

NRG is a one of the largest power generation businesses in the country, and is working hard to distrupt the energy industry by making it more sustainable .  Last Spring, NRG built what they call "Station A" in San Francisco.  The new location, still somewhat "under wraps" was formerd as a location to develop new technologies and strategy .  NRG's Station A is named after and built on an old Pacific & Gas Electric Power Plant, and was designed by our San Francisco Showroom Architect, Nash Hurley of Vital.

Our 1x4 Glass Tile in Juniper; Photo Credit: Malcom Fearon, Bliss Images

We were thrilled when we heard NRG wanted to use our 100% Recycled Glass Tile in their new Station A office, and we were even more thrilled with the final installation!.  Our 1x4 Glass Tile in Juniper was used in both the office kitchen and the bathroom, creating a serene rippling effect that resembles water.  And that's not all!  On the wall next to the bathroom, 4x6 frames are hung displaying how we make our glass tile!

Last night Fireclay was lucky enough to attend NRG's Warehouse Warming Party at the new location, where the new space made its debut to industry professionals, architects, contractors and more.  The Warehouse door opened up to an expansive view of the San Francisco Bay, and guests were treated to a delicious Taco Truck, they really know how to win us over!  Fireclay wanted to help out, so we handed out coasters made of our glass tile as a party favor.  It was a great night, and an even better collaboration!  Thanks NRG!

Our 1x4 Glass Tile in Juniper; Photo Credit: Malcom Fearon, Bliss Images

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