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“Nothin’ But Tile” at the Tile Heritage Foundation

By Kate Fox

This past weekend, Fireclay Tile participated in what only could be called a tile-lover’s dream. Imagine a building adorned with tile. As you’re admiring the beautifully tiled entrance, your eyes are drawn to the tiled columns on either side. Then as you gaze up, you notice the tile extends to the very top-- and you can’t help but step back in ah. The building in which I speak of is the Historic Howden building of Oakland, California-- a building that showcases the true beauty and uniqueness of ceramic tile.

Howden Building in Oakland California

It was here that the Tile Heritage Foundation held “Clay Expectations: A Festival of Tiles and Mosaics” this past Sunday. Tiles artists and artisans alike gathered inside its doors and exhibited truly the most beautiful tile around--not one the same. Lectures and a tour were given, along with clay and mosaic workshops for children. The day was filled with excitement and laughter, and artists’ stories of their own work and experiences. Everyone had a different story to tell and unique things to share. It was a day not to be missed, and Fireclay Tile was very happy to be a part of it.

Tile Fountain at Tile Heritage EventKids doing tile at Tile Heritage Event

In thanks to the Tile Heritage Foundation for hosting this event and all the participants involved, Fireclay Tile would like to feature some of our favorite tile artists from the showcase in our upcoming blogs.

Look forward to reading about Janet Ontko of Clay Forms, Justine Tot Tatarsky of Art on Tile, and Lisa and James TeviaClark of Bella Vista Tile. Many thanks again to a great day of tile and thanks for your support!

Howden Building ExteriorHowden Building in Oakland California SmallHowden Building in Oakland California Smaller

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