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Color Spotlight: Not So Basic Black

Image: The Kitchn

There are some basic items that people with a sense of style just must have, for women, the little black dress, for music lovers, Black and Blue, the Rolling Stones album released in 1976.  For people who love their homes–a measure of black. Black can be modern or classic, black definitely speaks urban chic, and black always lends an air of sophistication to rustic charm. Black makes everything a lot more interesting, adding structure to white, and contrasting beautifully with a wide range of materials.

If you covet the modern image above, try our 1x6 Tile in Onyx. With its blackboard-inspired tone and smooth matte finish, Onyx offers a versatile backdrop for rustic and contemporary-chic spaces.

Image: Elle Blog

Tile color shown: Onyx

Softened by natural and organic elements this bathroom has just a hint of Asian-inspired design.  The 6x6 square motif and choice of dark grout imbues the space with a soothing and peaceful spa-like quality.

Image: Arch Daily

Our Hexagons in a black hue like Onyx are an inspired choice for the floor in any bathroom, Modern, Contemporary, or Classic. 

Image: Blood and Champagne

We offer either 3", 4", 6"8", or 12" Hexagons in a gloss, satin or matte finishes. Pairing different shapes, sizes, and colors in one installation adds texture and interest. 

Image: Desire To Inspire

For a truly mid-century modern feel our black thin Brick is a perfect fit.  Try our color simply enchanting shade, Galaxy for a classic but not too intense look.

Brick color shown: Galaxy

Image: The Design Files

These days we are swooning over patterned floors, especially in black. Try a Brick Herringbone layout or Onyx in a 2x8 size.

Image: House and Home

For a beautifully polished look our black and white Handpainted Tiles are a must on the floor.

Image: Remodelista

Handpainted Designs shown: Jardin Fretwork and Kasbah Trellis

Love this look?  Shop Onyx now.  Need some help?  Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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