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New Ravenna Mosaics “Crushed It”!!

Oh Yes They Did!

New Ravenna Mosaics did an experimental piece named "Ester" and presented the design at Coverings (industry show) in Florida earlier this year.   Isn't it beautiful?!  See below.


All of the colors of the pattern in Ester (except the white marble) are Fireclay's Crush recycled glass tile.  The mosaic tiles of the white background are laid in an opus vermiculatum format.   This arrangement allows the tiles follow the lines of the subject to emphasize the movement and flow of the flowers and stems.  New Ravenna received  "ooohs and aaahs" at the show and rightfully so!

 New Ravenna Mosaics was founded by Sara Baldwin in 1991. She is still the creative force of the company which makes stunning mosaics in Virginia.   Check out her blog here.  

Sara Baldwin

Here are just a few of the many many designs New Ravenna has:

Peony Marble Floor

Jacqueline glass

Erin Adams Bottles Kitchen

These images were from New Ravenna's Photo Gallery.

 If you’d like to learn about New Ravenna Mosaics & Sara Baldwin or Fireclay's Crush recycled glass, please click one of the links below.



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